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Title: She Said Blow Me 2  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: C+
Male looks: B
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: C+


She Said Blow Me #2


136 Mins.

Evil Angel

DIRECTOR: Nacho Vidal

THEMES: Blow-jobs, She-males, Brazilians



STARS: Isabella Branco, Ingrid Pladynny, Alisson, Suelim Ferrari, Lorena Sandriny, Paula Bruna, Rebeca Cafaon, Juliana Nogueira, Giovanna Di Pietro, Paula Freire, Jack Sugar, Kaiva Conatto, Renato Lemos, James Matarazo, Alex Boy, Erik Nogueira, Luan, Kelly Foa, Ayron Gregory, Gil Wolverine

Reviewed by: Mars

OK, if you're going to make a purely blow-job movie, even if you've got she-males in it, then the hummers had better be really noteworthy. Since the focus is so narrow, it's gotta look like a lot of effort has been put into that focus. I've got to believe that the ones doing the sucking love cock in the mouth more than the pope loves Jesus. Sadly, She Said Blow Me #2 doesn't meet that criteria. The fact that it's entirely populated by men and she-males (no females at all) doesn't let the director off the hook for delivering quality sucking action. If anything, since there's extra sausage in each scene the skin-flute playing should be held to a higher standard. We're getting flooded with suck-jobs so it had better make me wet.
Instead Vidal seems to think that quantity will make up for any lack of quality in the action. We get ten scenes, ten different South American trannies who suck and get sucked. That's a lot of suck for your buck but on the whole it's uninspiring. I'm a bit spoiled by some of the better blow-job vids of girls who are swallowing dick like it was their only form of nutrition. In She Said Blow Me #2 the hummers are tepid for the most part.
There are some high points. The ass eating is superior. If you like the tossed salad then this will satisfy that dietary requirement. Especially when one of the guys gets his tongue between his tranny's cheeks. The boys are enthusiastic in their tonguing and give a good show. Also, the trannies have workable cocks. This isn't such a surprise these days (it was a miracle back in Sulka's time) but is worth noting that they all get hard, stay hard, and (mostly) pop off with a decent load.
Then there are the specific scenes that work out well. Ingrid Pladynny is a good looking she-male with fine tits and ass (s/he looks remarkably convincing as a real girl) and s/he goes after the dick with a talented mouth. Alisson is a taut and toned boy-girl who grinds hir ass into hir cock-jock's face with gusto. Rebeca Cafaon is NOT the prettiest tranny but s/he moves very well and that keeps it sexy. And then there is Juliana Nogueira, who is gorgeous and treats hir boy right, pulling him onto hir cock and generally staying in charge.
But for all that there are still long, uninspiring blow-jobs to contend with. And there are several sub-par she-males who's looks aren't really ready for prime-time. So...
Overall: Not a must-have disc. It isn't unpleasant but it isn't a triumph by any means. Nacho Vidal needs to figure out how to transfer some of his trademark enthusiasm to his performers.
Extras include chapter search, a fetish menu, small photo gallery, smaller filmography section, cast list, and a couple of URLs.


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