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Title: Twisted Vision  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: A
A/V Quality: B


Twsited Vision


135 Mins.

Red Light District

DIRECTOR: Michael Stefano

THEMES: Point-of-View camera angles, anal, vignette



STARS: Missy Monroe, Sative Rose, Roxy Jezel, Taylor Rain, Jennifer Luv, Michael Stefano, Juan Cuba

Reviewed by: Mars

OK, all of you point-of-view fanatics raise your hands. You'll notice neither of my hands is in the air. POV porn usually doesn't do it for me. Twisted Vision, however, is a stand-out in its genre. With some deft camera work and decent acting Stefano delivers a pretty hot piece of work. He's got good actresses with some actual acting chops as well as a healthy enthusiasm for hardcore fucking. That goes a long way, even in a POV flick.
It starts out with an eerie little set up. Missy Monroe is chained in a suspended cage, mouth covered with a strip of duct tape that has a hole in the middle and "Cock Hole" written on it. She cries for help as the POV man (Stefano) picks up a bum (Juan Cuba) to help him fuck his captive. If it wasn't so over-the-top it'd be disturbing, but it is so it isn't, got it? Though Cuba really overdoes the begging. Anyway, the action starts with blow jobs which aren't so great until the tape comes off. Cuba pops on her face and gets kicked out and the fucking starts in earnest. It's doggy style to start and Missy is bucking back hard onto that rod (with some BJ thrown in) and it moves to cowgirl with her leaning back to get a good view of that pale body and nice tits. This first scene establishes that Stefano is handy with a camera. He manages to catch a range of angles and keeps the girl in sight very well. Which is good, especially since they move on to the anal sex. Missy takes it well in a couple of positions with some ATM to break it up now and then. It's a creampuff ending.
Next up is the Indian beauty Sativa. POV guy walks into a house, looking for her, intercut with the east Indian beauty masturbating on the bathroom floor. After he watches her use a toy for its intended purpose with sexy gusto, the cock comes out and she sucks it with her full, lovely lips. Not too deep but she uses her hand well. The mish fucking is a good time with a great view of her curvy body. Sativa is dead sexy when she's getting plowed. She really works the cock with her taut ass, wiggling and giving a good show. They swap it out a couple different ways and the action stays interesting. Good girl, good times.
From plush, curvy girls we go to rail thin Asian Roxy Jezel. I'm not usually a skinny girl fanatic but Roxy is uber-hot. Her British accent and Asian features are great together, plus she's got a good handle on acting and sounding sexy. She is, no lie, one of the best actresses I've seen in porn. She delivers her lines well and makes it all sound extremely sexy. The banter is great and leads her and POV guy to fuck in the dusty outdoors. This scene is worth watching just to hear her coy/sexy pre-fuck talk. Then the fucking actually starts and it lives up to the dialogue. Roxy is a cock sucking goddess, swallowing his prick with every bob of her head. That's talent! Her body movement and moaning makes the sex that much hotter, plus watching that petite girl take that big cock in the ass is a prize. She rides hard in all positions, slamming back into him and bouncing for all she's worth. Roxy does it well and for a long time.
Taylor Rain is a sultry brunette who shows up in classic black lingerie and crawls across the floor toward the camera, talking dirty as she goes. And that, my friends, is how to start a porn scene. Good body on the woman, and she stops to finger her holes for quite awhile. It's a great view, Taylor with her head on the floor, ass in the air as she vigorously explores her ass and then gets a few huge anal beads stuffed inside. The cock-fucking begins and she makes good noises as she pumps back onto his shaft. Naked and sweaty she crawls more (very hot) and gets her ass stuffed as a reward. They keep that up with some good views before popping off to end it.
Jennifer Luv enters the office to interview for the new "secretary" job. POV guy leaves her alone to do paperwork with a porn movie running. Sure enough, she can't control herself and gets so turned on she has to start fingering herself and using a dildo to satisfy her craven desires. She's a pretty girl with an big smile and good body. Her solo action is sexy, with good tit rubbing and a pretty pussy to show us. Of course, she gets caught but it just leads to sex, not police charges. Jennifer is also a good actress and the vignette plot goes well. Plus she's seductive and teasing as she starts the blow-job, great build up to the mish action and terrific views of her sweet, writhing body. Jennifer really drives herself onto that cock and really gives a good show. From one position to the next she's got excellent enthusiasm. It's a creampuff and squeeze-out money shot, not my favorite, but a good scene nonetheless.
Overall: Good range of body types, enthusiastic women, and startlingly good acting now and then. I started out this review thinking I'd give Twisted Vision a B. in the course of writing it, though, I convinced myself to up the grade. For POV, it's great stuff.
Extras include chapter search, cumshot reel, photo gallery, behind the scenes (Missy looks very young), three trailers, director's bio, bonus footage from the scenes, and web access.


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