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Title: Whore Gaggers 4  
Reviewer: Levon  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: C+
Male looks: n/a
Sex: C-
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C-
A/V Quality: C+


Whore Gaggers #4
110 minutes
Anarchy Films
THEMES: Throat fucking
STARS: Mika Brown, Asia, Brandi Lyons, Brandy Nicole, Carmen Sancha, Daphne Rosen, Lana Peachh, Liza Harper, Stephanie Trip

Reviewed by: Levon (mreviewer@hotmail.com)


The first scene has Mika Brown, an average looking girls with long black hair and a small natural rack. They don't waste any time here and go straight for no hands throat fucking. Mika takes at least of the guy down as she is on her knees. The white levels are all fucked up and she gets washed out of the picture a few times. They switch positions with Mike on her back and the guy mounting her with plenty of spit and drool running back on her face. The guy fucks her mish and Mika sucks the guy off till he jerks off on the side of her face and open mouth.

Stephanie Trip is another average girl with a nice natural rack. She gets her throat fucked and takes about of the guy down her throat. Stephanie uses more hand work and tends to take more control of the oral. They move to a 69 and Stephanie takes the guy down to his balls. He tit fucks her as she is lying down and he pinches her nose shut as he throat fucks her some more. You get some more energetic oral from Stephanie and more tit fucking till the guy jerks off on her face and open mouth.

The third scene has Carmen Sancha, a cute blonde with a small natural rack. Carmen easily takes our stunt dick at least down her throat and the fucking is fairly tame. They move to a 69 position and then on her back as he gets a decent rhythm going. They move around and get some good depth with Carmen on her back and she goes back to a kneeling position. She uses her hand as she gets throat fucked till the guy takes over and jerks off on her face and open mouth. There is some nice post cum oral.

Brandi Nicole is a cute blonde with a natural rack and we get a short interview before they start in the traditional girl kneeling position. You can tell Brandi's comfort zone is about , and when they go for anything deeper she really gags on the guy. She does a bit better with the guy lying down, but still gags quite a bit. They switch to her lying on her back with her head on the edge and she gags hard on the guy's dick. There is some traditional oral with some nice hand work and more throat fucking till the guy jerks off on her forehead and open mouth. Brandi can't really go as deep as the others, but you to give her credit for her effort.

Asia is an average looking Asian girl with a nice natural rack. She gets about half of the guy down her throat with some energetic no hands deepthroat attempts and spits up plenty of drool on her tits. There is some strong throat fucking then Asia gets turned over and face fucked while on her back. They finish up with Asia on her knees and the guy jerking off on her forehead.

Aspen is a young looking blonde with large natural tits. She shows some nice oral getting of the guy down her throat and shows decent no hands work. There isn't too much throat fucking for a bit since Aspen is always on top and can really control the depth of the guy's thrusts. She gets tit fucked and some average face fucking till the guy jerks off on her face and open mouth.

Lana is an average looking redhead with a natural rack. She begins with some good no hands work, but keeps fairly shallow getting only 1/3 in her mouth. They get some gagging and a fair amount of spit running back on her face as Lana gets face fucked on her back. They finish up with Lana on her knees sucking the guy till her jerks off on her forehead and face.

Daphne is an average looking blonde with a thick body and large fake tits. They start Daphne out on her knees and she takes of the guy's dick down her throat. Her no hands skills are decent and she takes the face fucking with no serious problems. She shows good energy and isn't afraid of getting some spit on her face. Daphne goes on her back and she gets a few good strings of drool in her face then they go back to some standard oral and a small bit of tit fucking. The scene ends with the guy jerking off a good load on her forehead.

Brandi Lyons is a cute redhead with a thin build and a small natural rack. They go straight into some aggressive face fucking. The white levels are all screwed up and the scene is somewhat washed out. There is some serious deepthroating with Brandi on her back and then its back to Brandi on her knees. The scene ends with the guy face fucking her till he pulls out and jerks off a good load on her face. Again, the scene is screwed up with the white levels.

The last scene has porn vet Liza Harper. It has her on the couch trying to deepthorat a banana and gagging at about 3 inches. She gives some energetic oral to our parolee on the couch and move to Liza on her knees. She gets about of the guy down her throat and gives a few deepthroat attempts. What Liza lacks in depths she makes up with some nice no hands work and oral talent. They switch to Liza on her back and the throat fucking is light with plenty of spit running back into her face. The scene ends with the guy jerking off a weak load on her forehead.

Bonus materials include a picture gallery and some trailers.

Overall this is an average example of guys choking women with their dicks. There is only one girl who shows a big time gag reflex while the others take it all in stride. There are only one or two scenes where the guy really takes over and aggressively fucks the women. I was disappointed that 2 of the scenes were wasted with white level issues. Rent if you like the niche, but skip it if you don't.


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