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Title: Exposure  
Reviewer: Natalie Dawn  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


Given the star power of this one -- big-boobed beauty Celeste, big-dick master Rocco Sifredi, dark-haired hussy Anna Malle, and a woman who needs no description, Jenna Jameson -- this thing should burn a lot more than it does. I guess I just expect a lot from these stars, as well as from all-out sluts like Rebecca Bardoux, a woman who is as horny and nasty as she is sweet and nurturing. That said, "Exposure" is hardly a dud. It''s got a storyline I really like (office politics, which always means hot guys in cool suits and hotter chicks in cooler business wear), it''s got people who aren''t hard on the eyes by any stretch of the imagination, and it''s got Rocco''s mammoth schlong. What more could a girl ask for? Well, a lot -- like a few guys to work me over while I watch this -- but I''ll take what I can get. The flick involves fairly cute Brad Armstrong, who is married to Jenna Jameson (yeah, right) and who is certain that he''s next in line for a major promotion at the firm run by another Armstrong, Hank. Much to Brad''s dismay, however, the gig goes to Celeste (score one for the ladies!) and Brad is left as her servant ... in more ways than one. Almost immediately after getting the promotion, Celeste makes it known that she will have our young Brad, no ifs, ands or buts (but maybe some butts, if you know what I mean, and I damn well know you do, you horndogs). Of course, there needs to be some teasing first -- something the voluptuous-in-a-great-way Celeste is awesome at, all tantalizing and preening -- but we don''t get much of the Celeste/Brad tryst until we get past a rather perfunctory Hank/Anna Malle boffing. Anna''s got the moves, give her that, and she can give a good blowjob when she wants to. But she doesn''t to here. Instead, Hank goes to work on her pussy (nice work, Hank) and slams her hard missionary style before dumping a load of goo on her tattooed tits. Fair. With that out of the way, it''s back to the action, and Celeste is damn ready for Brad to be trained well and trained permanently. Off comes the business attire, right down to the sexy pink garter belt and bra, and down goes Brad to bury his face in Celeste''s heavenly quim. Outstanding! The shots here are hot and Celeste has rarely looked better as she moans and purrs, then returns the favor with a hearty blowjob. She moves on to take him cowgirl style while still in heels (you go, girl), and for the best view click to Angle 3 and get it in slo-mo; it''s not the only way you want to see it, but if you like a full ass slapping against a tight man''s body, check it out. I dug it. Eventually they move to some missionary work and some doggy action on the desk before Brad, suitably trained, drops a load right into Celeste''s mouth. She lovingly licks up every drop she can. Brad, however, wants to keep faithful to his wife. (Whatever. I mean, I know he''s married to Jenna and all, but guys, if you had Celeste throwing herself at you, would you think twice? Didn''t think so.) Anyway, to thwart her advances he sends Alex Sanders in his place next time Celeste demands a little after-hours help. The next scene, however, proves that Celeste has no taste, because when stud Alex shows up hard and ready for action (what a guy! gotta love him!), Celeste just says nope and defers him to her two playmates, Rebecca Bardoux and Melissa Hill. OK, not a bad trade off by any means, but Celeste, baby, you gotta hunk o'' love staring you in the face! Join in while you can! Instead, curvy blonde Rebecca, who rarely disappoints, and redhead Melissa give a decent once-over-twice to Alex''s cock, slurping and sucking and fucking it for it''s worth. I liked some of the pussy play between the two (Rebecca can be so naughty) and I especially liked the doggy anal slamming Rebecca took from Alex (I''ll admit it: I''m jealous), but I know I''ve seen her do it nastier in other flicks. Still, it''s a worthwhile fuck, with Celeste overseeing the entire affair. Next comes the inevitable: Celeste tells Jenna about her husband''s extracurricular activities, and to console her she licks the cream out of her cunt. Now, how often does THIS happen in real life? If I was Jenna, I''d be slapping Celeste around a bit. (Actually, if I were Jenna, I''d be getting gang-banged right now instead of writing this, so I take that back.) Anyway, it''s a standard girl-girl scene, nothing too rigorous or unexpected -- and yes, Brad comes home just after the climax to find his wife entangled with another estrogen temple. Big surprise. Boo hoo. Yeah, whatever. The next scene may indeed be the best, but it also threw me for a loop. Again, as with most Vivid titles, I''m betting the house that something has been cut. Who makes a 70-minute storytelling feature anymore anyway? As it is, suddenly Rocco enters the picture as if we''ve known him all along, and Celeste proceeds to give him one of the fucks of his life. It''s a great scene featuring two very beautiful creatures, some excellent cocksucking, deep missionary action (dig the gold heels, too, Celeste; keep those legs high in the air, baby) and an amazing facial climax that has Celeste''s near-supermodel perfect face slathered in sticky cream. I was totally into it ... but what the fuck does it have to do with anything else? I don''t know, I just gotta knock this down a notch because of it. Have to send Vivid a message: Give us the whole film, goddamn it! The angles don''t do shit for us. We want sex. And you can''t tell me Jenna has only one girl-girl scene in this. Somebody bag that babe! All right, rant over. It''s a good flick. Honest. Plenty of heat in some of the scenes, and only the Anna Malle banging didn''t get me wet. That''s fair enough, right?  

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