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Title: Anal Cavity Search  
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Anal Cavity Search
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman
Overall Rating: A
Female Looks: A
Male Looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: Laughable
Extras: Comes with extra DVD full of bonus material
A/V Quality: A
Movie Type: Gonzo
Length: 207 minutes
Studio: Red Light District
Director: Erik Everhard
Themes: Anal
Condoms: None

Stars: Courtney Cummz, Katsumi, Sarah Blue, Angel Dark, Liliane Tiger, Lenny Power, Tiffany Hopkins


Courtney Cummz is the star of the first scene. She's dressed like a whore, sitting on a sofa stroking herself while the cameraman tells her how to pose. She's the covergirl on the DVD box. We get to watch her walk up the stairs as she shows off her g-string clad ass. Her ass is a little plump but it's nice to watch anyway. After she gets upstairs she drops to her knees and gives a POV blowjob. The eye contact is good here. She continues to suck for a few minutes when there's a knock at the door. The LAPD has arrived to ask him if he has a permit to shoot porn. The two "cops" search the premises and find the girl. They handcuff Courtney and tell her she has to "pay" for his not having a permit. They search her body for drugs -- a thorough search of every cavity. They begin by fingering her ass and getting a BJ. Then they double team her, one in the ass and one in the mouth. It's really hot and she looks amazing in the various positions. I don't like her pierced pussy, but everything else is pretty good. The third guy joins in again and they triple penetrate her. The angles are good and I found this scene very hot. She takes loads across her face and in her ass. This scene is really long, about 40 minutes total.

The next scene features a father, Steve, and a friend of his going after the neighbor's daughter, Tiffany Hopkins. She's taking a dip in the pool and Steve tells us how he likes to watch her and stroke his dick while she swims. She flirts with him a bit, then begins to suck his cock. He stands next to the swimming pool while she stands in the pool with her face at his waist level. She is a nice dark haired girl with a pretty face. The guys oil up her whole body, but some of the oil or else drops of water from the pool get on the camera lens and taint this part of the scene. She gives a great double BJ but it's obscured by the water droplets on the lens that distract your attention. They move the action indoors and drill her in every position possible on a sofa. The fucking gets extremely hard at times and she does a lot of exaggerated moaning. They do a standing-up DP fuck that's really hot, but by this point the moaning was really getting annoying. The scene ends with two open-mouthed facial cumshots.

Scene 3 features Liliane Tiger and Lenny Hopkins. Liliane is dressed like a schoolgirl and is sitting on a bed teasing us at the start of the scene. Except her very large tattoo on her left shoulder contradicts her "innocent" appearance. This girl's slightly thick in terms of her body build. But she has a very nice face. She brings out her friend Lenny Hopkins for us to enjoy. Liliane gives a very sensual blowjob and this scene is pretty intense overall when the fucking begins. These girls get fucked in every hole and appear to like it. Liliane really looks like trailer trash the more I look at her -- her tattoo on her cunt, pierced cunt lips, and pierced tongue on top of the tattoo I mentioned earlier really leave no doubt to what kind of girl she is off camera. I'm generally not turned on by girls of this nature, but if you are into this type of girl you will enjoy this scene. To me this scene is about average or slightly above average. It ends with a facial and an internal cumshot in the ass.

Scene 4 brings us Angel Dark and Sarah Blue. The idea here is that Sarah Blue is sucking a guy in a parked car, and officer of the law Angel Dark (dressed in an incredibly hot, tight, black "police uniform" and fishnet stockings) happens upon the parked car and confronts the perps. Sarah Blue's BJ in the car is extremely sexy. Her body is slim and tight and her face is really cute. Angel Dark walks up to the car and orders the guy to step out. He thinks he's in trouble, but she drops to her knees and starts to blow him. The camera angle is POV and the BJ is incredible. Soon Sarah steps out of the car and comes over because she wants to join in on the action. The two girls kiss and jointly give the lucky guy a BJ. Angel invites them to a villa she knows so they join her and the scene cuts to a bedroom. The action is girl-girl here, with Angel frigging Sarah with a big dil. The guy joins in and fucks Sarah in the ass for a while before plowing Angel's cunt doggystyle and doing her in the ass. She is so incredibly beautiful and just wait until you hear her speak with her Slavic accent. This scene culminates with a facial on Angel followed by cumswapping with Sarah. This was my favorite scene on the DVD.

The final scene features Katsumi. Robert's back hurts, so he calls for a massage therapist and Katsumi shows up to assist him. This Asian beauty with her tinted red hair is really beautiful. Her cure for his back pain is to suck his dick. She sucks him for a while, then the action moves to the bedroom where he and his buddy take turns on her. This girl gets dirty -- evidenced by the necklace she wears that reads "SEX" in all caps. She knows her role. The guys drill her in every hole and she obliges them by doing whatever they want. I liked it that she didn't moan much and didn't seem to fake too much. Both guys coat her face with their seed and she swallows some of it. Her performance doesn't stand out from the others on this DVD, but it's worth watching.


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