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Title: Big Booty White Girls 2  
Reviewer: Levon  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: C+
Male looks: C+
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C-
A/V Quality: C+


Big Booty White Girls 2
174 minutes
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Justin Slayer
THEMES: Interracial sex
STARS: Jazmine, Sophie Dee, Macy Lane, Sarah Blue, Morgan, Ashley
Reviewed by: Levon (mreviewer@hotmail.com)


Ashley is an average looking brunette with a nice natural rack and large ass. We get some extreme close-ups of her ass and pussy as she spreads and shows off her butt. Her parolee jumps in and licks her for a bit then they 69 with her on top. Ashley hops on for a cowgirl, a lifted mish, some mish variations, and a few different doggies. The scene ends with the guy jerking off and cumming in Ashley's mouth and chin. She gives some nice post cum oral.

Kathy is a cute blonde with a small natural rack and large ass. She plays around in a pool showing off her body and butt. After some posing and fingering herself she meets her parolee in the bedroom. He rims her ass and then blows her guy. Kathy's oral shows a good effort, but she can only get the head of the guy's dick in her mouth. After a quick 69, Kathy goes on top for a cowgirl, spoon, mish, doggie, mish, spoon, more doggie, RCG, cowgirl, spoon, yet more doggie, cowgirl, and finally mish. The scene ends with the guy jerking off and cumming on Kathy's face and tits. This scene dragged on and on and could use some serious editing.

Morgan Van Saint is an average looking blonde who is a bit on the larger size. She has a natural rack and big ass. She gets out of the shower and puts some baby oil on her body as she shows off her ass. Once her parolee shows up she gives some decent no hands oral getting at least half of the guy down her throat. They maneuver into a lifted 69 then Morgan gets fucked in a long doggie, cowgirl, and some mish variations. The scene ends with the guy pulling out and jerking off on Morgan's face and open mouth.

Sophie Dee is a decent looking blonde with a large ass and a natural rack. She poses around then meets her parolee on a couch. Sophie's oral skills are average with decent energy and gets about 1/2 of the guy down her throat. They start fucking with Sophie hopping on for cowgirl, mish, and doggie. The scene ends with the guy jerking off on her face and open mouth. This was a short scene compared to the other and Sophie lacks heat.

Jazmine is blonde girl with a large ass and is definitely on the thicker side. She poses a bit and shows off her butt as she gets finger fucked till her stunt dick shows up and starts right in with a long doggie. They continue with cowgirl and then pull in Sophie and her guy fresh from her own scene. Sophie gets fucked cowgirl, and then the girls line up ass to ass both getting fucked doggie. The girls move around with Jazmine riding a nice cowgirl and doggie, while Sophie gets fucked through mish then cowgirl. The guy pulls out doggie and jerks off on Jazmine's face and open mouth. The scene continues with more fucking mish till he pulls out for another self jerked facial.

Macy Lane is an average looking dirty blonde with a thick ass and natural rack. After a bunch of ass posing Macy gets together with her parolee and gets finger fucked doggie to a squirt then three fingers in her ass. Macy's oral shows logs of drool, good deep throat attempts, some face fucking, and decent energy. She gets fucked doggie, mish, anal doggie, and doggie. The scene ends with the guy pulling out and jerking off on her pussy.

The only bonus material worth mentioning is a cumshot recap.

Overall this is an average DVD. Some of the scenes could be cleaned up with some editing and there isn't enough raw eye candy to keep vanilla viewers interested, but if you like interracial and white chicks with big asses, this is your film.


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