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Title: Legends Of Porn  
Reviewer: Natalie Dawn  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: n/a
A/V Quality: n/a


Well, I said I wanted to see this on DVD and, hey, what do you know ... here it is -- and with Part II out now as well! If you read my review of "The Top 25 Greatest Stars of All Time," you know why I''m so ga-ga for this: I love porn from the past. There''s something so amazingly sexy about it, probably because everyone seems so real. Yeah, the sets aren''t so stellar, the acting isn''t any less stiff than it is now and we''ve certainly gotten more adventurous and raunchier as the industry has developed. But, well, I sort of like the old days when a bush was a thicky tangle of hair to get lost in, men had natural bodies, women had real tits (for the most part) and no one seemed like they had just stepped out of their plastic surgeon''s office. You know, people like you and me. So this, for all porn newbies and longtime stroking fans who need a refresher course, is where things all started -- with names like Holmes, Seka, Marilyn Chambers, Leslie Bovee, Annette Haven, Kay Parker, Candy Samples ... all of them REAL people that just loved to fuck. There are favorite scenes, of course, especially the early erotica with Chambers getting doused by several cocks at once before taking a plowing from Holmes king snake, as well as some great moments from John Leslie when he was young and adorable (well, he''s still adorable). And really, the enthusiasm of almost all the performers in these scenes puts today''s starlets to shame. Today, Jeanna Fine shocks us because she''s such a demanding, horny wench (and thank heaven for her). Back then, everyone was a wildcat on the prowl, and with bodies that were like all the ones you wanted in high school and college but could never have. Myself, I know that had I lived back then, I would have craved Terri Hall, Samantha Fox and Desiree Cousteau just as much as any boyfriend I had would have. Their bodies held secrets, they had knowledge I wanted, and they could make their bodies control their men. Just wild stuff, you know, with some unbelievably tasty action to accompany it all. Sure, the bulk of it is extremely dated, but that''s the fun of it. It''s like turning on TV Land and in every show you see, everyone starts screwing each other''s brains out. That compiler and noted historian Jim Holliday puts everything and everyone in perspective is a big help as well, as much of the importance once attributed to these stars has since faded with all but the devoted. I mean, yes, we all remember Joey Silvera and it''s great to see him looking so young, but do you recall Jessie St. James? Linda Wong? Darby Lloyd Rains? Right, we probably all should, but here''s some of their best fuck work to remind us all. I''ll never be able to convince the porn fan who''s set in his ways, who believes that everything pre-Christy Canyon is a bore. But if you open your mind up for just a bit and can imagine what women looked like back in the day of "Charlie''s Angels" and "Three''s Company," hey, it just could rock your world.  

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