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Title: Legends Of Porn #2  
Reviewer: Natalie Dawn  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


OK, so you''re tempted by "The Top 25 Greatest Stars of All Time" but turned off by the notion of too much cheesy ''70s porn from the first installment of "Legends of Porn." Never fear, Jim Holliday is here to fit your needs. "Legends of Porn II" may be the least comprehensive in the series, but by offering a smattering of all eras up to 1985 or so, it gives perhaps the best overview yet of the fuck-flick industry. Speaking personally, this is my era. This was when I first got into porn, sneaking peeks at my parents collection when I was way underage and being fascinated by exotic women like Hyapatia Lee and adorable cherubs like Taija Rae, my personal hero. (She''s a goddess as far as I''m concerned. She''s cute as a button but not stunningly gorgeous. She''s got a real body with full thighs and ass. She does the ladies as devilishly as the men. And she''s got the most meltingly precious moan you''ve ever heard. I totally identified with her growing up and still do.) This time, Uncle Jim has broken his set into subheadings: "The Video Era," which I just described and which features some outrageous footage from Ginger Lynn, Amber Lynn, the big-titted Tracey Adams and Erica Boyer, and procelain dolls Shauna Grant and Porsche Lynn; "Unsung Pioneers," featuring such overlooked hotties as Susan McBain, Lori Blue and Marlene Willoughby; and a section devoted to "Superstars & Hall of Famers," which includes obligatory but very hot shots from Marilyn Chambers, Annette Haven, Seka and more. (And oh, how I wish the guys of that age were still working today. How much sexier could you get than John Leslie and Eric Edwards. Hell, Jamie Gillis could even make me wet back then.) Again, as with the other titles, there''s little point in detailing every scene, as 1) there''s just too many of them; and 2) in a case like this, it sort of spoils the surprising fun. Yes, there''s tenderness for couples, but yes, there''s some ass-pounding excitement and plenty of cum-eating. The transfer isn''t the most stellar (most of these weren''t put down to the highest quality film or tape in the first place) and the second angle feature just magnifies what you''re already looking at, which is a stupid cheat. But that''s so completely forgivable. This isn''t supposed to be squeaky-clean and flawless. It''s just volcanic sex from titilating stars that haven''t lost a bit of their edge. Just know that if you don''t know who these people are, you should, and if you think all porn stars should look like Jenna and Janine, you''re dead wrong. With all due respect to those titans of today, I''d rather go down on any of these babes. Any day! (Especially Taija ... you still out there, sweetie? Come back to us. You changed my life, baby.)  

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