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Title: Girly Thoughts 2  
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: n/a
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Girly Thoughts 2
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman
Overall Rating: B
Female Looks: B
Male Looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: C
Extras: Behind the scenes, solo scenes, cumshot recap
A/V Quality: B

Movie Type: All sex
Length: 2 hours
Studio: DVSX
Director: Guy Capo
Themes: Young girls
Condoms: None

Stars: Jenaveve Jolie, Samantha Ryan, Anita Blue, Jackie Ashe, Nadia Sin, Ashley Jordan


"They all have secret thoughts... now you can read their mind" is the tagline for this Guy Capo production. Probing the minds and holes of teen girls is the subject of this film. In reality, the holes get the bulk of the probing; my guess is that there isn't much going on in these girls' minds, anyway.

Samantha Ryan is the lead off batter. The scene begins with her writing in her diary about how great her boyfriend is. The scene is interspersed with clips of him fucking her, then it cuts back to her writing in the diary. When the real sex begins, she's taking it in the missionary position on a sofa. It's interesting that they didn't start with a striptease/BJ as in most scenes. He fucks her throat for a while, followed by some creative BJ action (he holds her upside down in midair as she sucks his cock and he eats her out). They work just about every imaginable angle of attack with the help of the sofa, and he blows his load on her cute face to end the scene. There is a lot of missionary position in this scene. I found myself fast forwarding near the end to get to the money shot. Hot chic, pretty good facial.

Next we have Anita Blue. It seems that she is filling out some forms for a job application. She finds it tedious and annoying. She dreams of having a job in the future where she makes tons of cash and is the envy of everyone. The scene cuts to her working as a stripper in a bar (the set is really not that convincing, though). Anita takes it all off for a lucky patron (seems he's the only patron at the bar that night) and extracts his cock for a hot little BJ. She focuses her eye contact on him rather than the camera, which I personally don't mind. Utilizing the dancers' pole on the stage, they engage in some acrobatic sexual positions before some more BJ and tittyfucking action ensue. A lot of vaginal sex follows, ending with a cumshot across the bow on her chest. He tips her by throwing a dollar bill and some change on her after cumming on her. Classy guy.

Jackie Ashe -- now this girl is hot. She's lying on a sofa, doing her diary entry when a long lost boyfriend comes knocking on her door. No sooner does he enter he place than he begins to ravage her, ripping off her clothes and shoving his cock into her mouth. Jackie is really cute -- she looks kind of like a good girl gone bad. She takes him missionary position, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl before he pulls out and cums all over her cunt. The sex is so-so here, but the girl is hot.

Nadia Sin is next. She's a little chubby. Nadia and a big black guy, "Freddy," are hanging out at her parents' place. She wants him to fuck her, and doesn't understand why he hasn't tried to fuck her yet. He's asleep on the sofa. She wants the black experience. While he naps, she undoes his jeans and extracts his dick. Pretty soon he wakes up and tells her it's ok. How nice of him not to deny this little white trash whore the privilege of sucking black dick. She sucks him as she plays with her cunt through her panties. He does this thing where he pins her head down around the base of his cock until she gasps for air. Eventually they disrobe and he fucks her twat. Unlike the other girls in this film, she takes it up the ass as well. A well-aimed facial closes this run-of-the-mill scene.

Ashley Jordan's next. This scene begins with an ethereal, other-worldly feel as she and her man sit across from each other doing their yoga meditation. Eastern music plays in the background. The video has been run through a digital filter to give it a grainy film look in places. The sex begins with a BJ, with some good angles including POV. We move on to the sofa for some missionary action. Ashley's face is nice, but she needs to workout more. She's one of those girls who you wouldn't mind fucking now, but you wouldn't want to marry because you know she's going to blimp up down the road. Other positions include reverse cowgirl, tittyfuck, and doggystyle. The scene ends with an average facial. She does not do anal.

Last up, Jenaveve Jolie. This dark skinned tattooed beauty's scene takes place in a very dark room with a black backdrop. The lighting allows us to see the action, though the shadows make it a little hard to see things clearly. She blows her guy in a very sensual way and licks his balls. There's some top-down POV perspective, but she's looking at the guy, not the camera. If a BJ is shot POV, I think the girl should look at the camera. It makes it more realistic. Her man really pounds her cunt before pulling out and firing his spunk on her stomach. She wipes her fingers through it and licks off some of his spooge.


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