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Title: Anal Cum Addicts  
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: B


Anal Cum Addicts
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman
Overall Rating: B
Female Looks: B
Male Looks: C

Sex: A
Plot/Acting: N/A
Extras: Behind the scenes, 2 bonus scenes, cumshot recap
A/V Quality: A

Movie Type: Gonzo
Length: 140 mins
Studio: Platinum X Pictures
Director: Steve Holmes
Themes: Anal sex
Condoms: None

Tyla Wynn, Alex Devine, Christie Lee, Kelly Wells, John Strong, Steve Holmes, Michael Stefano, Valerie, Cleopatra, Gia Paloma, Manuel Ferrara


This DVD has 5 scenes and 2 bonus scenes. I feel that the best scene is scene 2, with Kelly Wells. Her scene is grade A, but the others are B or C quality.
Scene 1: Tight bodied Marie (the cover girl on the box) is out pruning the shrubs in her yard. She's dressed in a little red top and a very short pleated white skirt. She teases the camera for a while and tells us she's a cum addict. The action moves indoors into a living room where Marie gets two dicks shoved down her throat. Expect some nasty gagging noises here. She gives new meaning to "deep throat" as she swallows their shafts to the base and holds the position for a good 15 seconds or so. This ebony slut also licks the guys' asses before they get down to business DPing her and fucking her bunghole with their monstrous dicks. She leaves her sexy skirt on ass the guys fuck her. Near the end of the scene she takes off her skirt and the guys DP her while holding her in midair. She screams "fuck those black holes" as they thrust into her. This girl is a very vocal fuck. After seriously abusing this slut for about 30 minutes, both gents dump their loads down her throat, which she swallows ("tastes like candy" she says).

Scene 2: Kelly Wells, looking fine, is a secretary at a porn company. Some guys are waiting in the reception area for a girl to show up so they can start filming a scene. Well, the girl doesn't show up, so Kelly volunteers to take one for the team and lets the guys plug her holes instead. The guys jump her bones right there in the office. This is the hottest girl on the DVD. She looks gorgeous in her little maroon top and short skirt. She wastes no time letting the guys play with her cunt and ass and taking a dick in her mouth. She talks to the camera while they fuck her. She's a vocal gagger, just like Marie Luv in scene 1. The guys defile her in every way imaginable. Seeing her get buttfucked on the sofa is an experience. Apparently, ass licking is a theme of this DVD as well -- she licks these guys' asses throughout the scene. After three loads are blown into her mouth, she gurgles their cum in her mouth and swallows it all like a champ. Sexy little bitch. Two thumbs up, Kelly.

Scene 3: Christie Lee is napping on her bed, clad in pink panties and a halter top. She wakes up and wanders out to the living room, where a fucker is waiting for her on the sofa. He wants to play, and she obliges him. They make out for a while, he plays with her tits, then eats her out. After eating her for some time, she blows him and he fucks her twat. As anal is a theme of this film, don't be surprised when he flips her over and shoves it up her ass doggystyle. This scene was not terribly memorable. The girl is cute but not a stunner. A load is blown down her throat to close off the scene.

Scene 4: Tyla Wynn is looking sexy in long leather boots and a schoolgirl outfit as she lies on her bed playing with herself. She tells us that some cock would feel good right about now. Well, she gets her wish as two fuckers enter the bedroom and proceed to gag her on their dicks. She has some fleshy tits -- these guys grab hold of them and play with them roughly. As is par for the course she licks the fuckers' asses. This girl's a moaner, in the worst way. It's the kind of moaning that makes you reach for the 'mute' button. They really rip her a new one as they fuck her ass and slap her around like a two-dollar whore. Two loads are blown down her throat, which she swallows.

Scene 5: Alex Devine is looking pretty good here. I like her tight body. She teases us for a while, dressed in some trashy looking lingerie and a short skirt. After frigging herself for a while, the fuckers emerge from behind the camera and she goes down on both. They then DP her in every way a sofa allows while forcing her to do some nasty ass-licking in the process. Ultimately, they blow their loads down her throat and she swallows each. Was this a great scene? You can jack off to this, but it's not one you'll be coming back to see again.

There are 2 POV scenes included as a bonus. The girls aren't that great looking. I gave them a quick skim and my gut reaction was "no thanks."


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