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Title: Affirmative Action 4  
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Affirmative Action #4
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman
Overall Rating: C
Female Looks: B
Male Looks: C
Sex: C
Plot/Acting: N/A
Extras: Bonus scene, previews, photo gallery
A/V Quality: C

Movie Type: Gonzo
Length: Jake Steed
Studio: New Machine
Director: Jake Steed
Themes: Interracial sex
Condoms: Some

Stars: Vanessa, Devon, Tye, Shay Sweet, Kiana, Anita Dark, Catalina


This film has two really good scenes (the second half of scene 5, and all of scene 6). The rest, to me, was a hodge-podge of dated 90s porn with a shot-on-video blur and hairstyles that'll make you think you're watching Baywatch. The two good scenes are damn good; but they can't make up for the mediocrity of the rest of this compilation.

Scene 1: Vanessa, a 20-year old Latina. After interviewing her for a while, they bring out another 20-year old Latina named Kristina, for Jake to photograph. The latter Latina is a mixture of Thai and Spanish. The girls make out for a while and do some lez action. Eventually our fucker joins the fray and gets a double BJ and starts to fuck Vanessa reverse cowgirl. Her endless cries of "oh yeah" wore on me a bit. It was good to see that our guy fucks the other bitch Kristina too. Kristina says she prefers women. It's good to remind her what she's missing by cramming a foot of man-meat up her cunt. Perhaps 12 inches of steel will straighten her out. The scene ends with a cumshot across the face of Kristina. These girls are both sexy in a very Latina way. I wouldn't recommend it unless you really like Latinas.

Scene 2: This scene features Devon, a stacked 26 year old self-described "Eurasian." She's busty and has a nice ass. They talk for some time and get off on a long tangent about herbal treatments for various illnesses. This is one of the more comical interviews I've seen in porn. Jake has some character, as evidenced by his ability to bullshit on the fly. When she finally takes off her clothes, she looks a lot better. She begins by playing with herself, then is eaten out, then gets fucked missionary position. Her beaver is lightly trimmed but mostly unshaven. The fucking is pretty short and sweet. He dumps a load down her throat in about 8 minutes.

But that was just the first part of her scene. Another fucker comes out and she sucks him off before getting slammed doggystyle and taking a second load across her face. Cute girl, but I feel like part I of this scene was enough and we didn't need to revisit her fucking another guy.

Scene 3: Tye is the subject of scene 3. This scene lasts about 1 minute. I'm not kidding. It's a short and sweet edit of a longer scene from another movie. Cute girl, but not enough footage to really evaluate this one.

Scene 4: Shay Sweet and another cunt are playing with each other on a bed. They let the fucker dick around with them for a while as they engage in playful banter. Both these girls are cute and have a dirty, edgy feel to them -- like dolled-up trailer trash. They go down on each other and mess around for a bit before our fucker jumps into the scene and doggystyles Shay from the edge of the bed as she eats out the other girl. There isn't a lot of straight sex in this scene; not much time elapses from when the guy begins to penetrate them until the closing cumshot. He pulls out and cums on her stomach and face. The girls whine that he got it in their eyes. Who gives a rat's arse?

Scene 5: Mmm... Kiana. She's going to do a girl-girl for us. This girl is beautiful -- she's an American but she looks like she might have some Eastern European genes. And a total fucking ditz. She's 26 years old. She wants to do movies because "it's fun, different." Right. They bring out Felecia so the two can get it on. Felecia takes off Kiana's clothes and the two begin messing around. This is straight-up mid-90s lez. There's a ragingly loud dildo, some unshaven beaver, and some crazy tan lines. And some bullshit moaning. This scene is not in the least convincing or entertaining. The only amusement I found was the double-ended dildo as the girls fuck each other near the end.

Kiana returns for her first on-screen boy/girl scene. This is what I really want to see. She comes all dolled up and looking beautiful. I really love this girl's smile. The guys strip off her clothes and eat her out before putting her to work sucking cock. Watching her take it doggystyle is extremely erotic. There is a ton of vaginal sex here, most all of it in the missionary position. They blow their loads on her stomach and chest. This boy/girl scene makes up for the shitty girl/girl that precedes it.

Scene 6: Hell yes! Two Eastern European babes. Anita Dark and another one (whose name I couldn't figure out). Anita's Hungarian, the other's Polish. These girls are all business -- they want to start the fucking ASAP and screw the interview. Jake tries to bullshit with them in Russian a bit. They aren't too receptive to it. The Polish chic is lez and will only do Anita; Jake can't touch her. But he gets to fuck Anita. Gorgeous footage as these two disrobe and make out. Both girls have perfect bodies and they get into this scene with some spirit. I don't need to describe what they do -- it's all the typical lez fare. But it's done with so much more class than Kiana's lez scene mentioned earlier.

The lez scene soon gives way to boy/girl as Ed Powers comes out and Anita blows him. She giggles as he penetrates her Hungarian twat. She controls her moaning effectively in a way that is erotic but not too phony. I don't really understand what happens next, as they start to fuck the lez girl. I thought she said she doesn't do guys? Or is Jake such a stud that he straightened her out? It's fitting that the prudish lezbo becomes Jakes cum receptacle at the end of this scene. Two thumbs up!

Scene 7: Catalina, a waifishly thin Latina, takes it from good old boy Alex Sanders in this clip. He pours some lube into her ass and brings out a big black guy to cram his dick in her ass. They DP her for a while (simultaneous oral/anal) then swap positions so Alex gets a shot at her bowels. They manage to DP her (simultaneous vaginal/anal) near the end of the scene and blast their loads across her face. She doesn't swallow though. This scene pales in comparison to scene 6 -- I'd classify it as filler. Then again, it is a bonus scene.


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