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Title: Interracial Addiction  
Reviewer: Stroker  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Interracial Addiction #6

MOVIE TYPE: Interracial

180 Mins.

NJ Films Inc.


THEMES: Interracial, Anal, Facials


STARS: Jenny, Mimi, Kelly Wells, Megan Martinez, Amber Peach, Jewel, Clestia Star

Reviewed by: Stroker

REVIEW- Interracial Addiction #6

There is few addictions that I like girls to have more than an interracial one. Seeing a white girl light up around a big black dick is a true enjoyment to Strokers. The cast is decent, but nothing amazing. The action is dependable and has a few good moments. Jenny and Mimi do a nice job sharing a cock, while Kelly Wells is starting to warm up to this Stroker. This isn't great, but there is definitely worse product in the interracial genre getting produced.

The first scene is with Jenny and Mimi taking on a big black dick. Jenny (I think, she's the one that does anal) is really cute and does a good job. Mimi is decent looking, but it was odd that she didn't have anal duty, not that any Stroker is complaining about that. Both girls have a long fuck and suck, before Jenny opens her ass to black cock. Jenny's anal romp ends with her and Mimi splitting the cum that was sprayed from that black cock. This is a pretty good scene and Jenny has some nice potential at being a whore.

Kelly Wells is the next girl to take on cock and she is moving up in this Stroker's opinion. It is just hard to keep bashing such a whore like Kelly. She isn't the prettiest girl, but that doesn't stop her from trying to best whore she can be. Kelly's scene features some nice oral sex and then it is on to the screwing. Kelly takes it in every hole, which is a shock for this slut. She evens cleans cock from her ass with her mouth, which is referred to as a whore performing ATM. This scene ends with Kelly getting a facial.

The next scene is a lesbo fest with Megan Martinez and Amber enjoying each other's company. The girls are both pretty cute and Amber puts a toy up her ass. I'm not a big fan of dykes, but this scene really lacked any type of heat. A strap-on or some bigger dildos might have helped, but probably not. The good news is both girls are naked, licking pussy and not that bad looking.

Jewel is the next slut to get the black dick treatment. She is pretty cute with a nice petite body. Jewel sucks and fucks for are perverted pleasure, but she doesn't put that big black dick up her ass. This is a shame, because it would have been nice to see cock up this whore's ass. Overall this is a decent scene, but nothing to get really excited about. It comes to a dramatic conclusion with a rather weak facial.

Celestia Star is the last girl to take on a black dick. This girl is decent at best and has bad fake tits to boot. She does plenty of anal with plenty of lube dripping out her ass. The lube dripping out is such a turnoff! Overall this scene is pretty lame even if Celestia is in full whore mode. At least the lesbian scene featured two good looking dykes.

Overall this isn't bad, but probably not something you need to run out and get. The first two scenes are okay and Jewel isn't that bad. The rest is why Strokers have an eject button.


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