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Title: 18 Year Old Pussy 4  
Reviewer: Arnon  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: C+
Male looks: C-
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C-
A/V Quality: C+


18 Year Old Pussy #4
129 Mins.
Devil's Film
DIRECTOR: Mike Metropolis
THEMES: 18 year old girls
STARS: Megan Martinez, Holly Wellin, Hailey Young, Genesis Skye, Gabby

Reviewed by: Arnon


This movie is just another film in a day and ship it out the door byproduct of our current porn industry. There's nothing especially wrong with that, cause it doesn't cost much money and people will buy it. I doubt most of these girls are 18 though, and most aren't extremely good-looking either. They're not ugly, they're just not that hot. Plus the guys are kinda nasty in most cases. The sex is the same thing 5 times in a row pretty much, and there's very little of extreme interest in it.

Holly Wellin is the first girl to get fucked. She's a blonde with a nice body, but the face isn't that terrific. She gets worked over by two older kinda hairy guys, so the whole threesome isn't that much fun to watch. That and I hate MMF threesomes in general. This one follows the same ol' same ol' formula: either she's sucking two dicks or sucking one and being fucked by the other. Holly does some good deep, good looking cocksucking, but other than that the scene was fairly standard. It wraps up with a facial by one guy and getting her pussy drenched by another.

Megan Martinez is a hot Hispanic girl with a nice body. Unfortunately she also is paired up with a guy who looks like he should be the CEO of a company. You know, in his late 40's and hairy. Right away she strips out of her skirt and panties, while the guy gets out a glass dildo. After applying a bit of lube he works her pussy over with the dildo while she rubs her clit for the camera. When he stands up and unleashes his cock she does a good job teasing him with her tongue ring. The actual blowjob is kinda weak since she isn't able to take much more than his tip into her mouth. They go through all the standard positions on the bed with plenty of close-ups on the action. Neither of them really had much sexual energy though, and it seemed more like going through the motions than really getting into it. It ends with Megan getting a facial.

Looking like the only girl who might actually be 18, Hailey Young is an extremely petite redhead with a very tiny body and too much makeup. She takes on two creepy guys, one of whom looks like a buff, tattooed Mr. Clean that actually does 10 reps bench pressing her before the sex starts. This scene follows the standard MMF setup, but Hailey is fun to watch because she seems really skanky, which amazingly enough, I really like.

Genesis Skye is a decent looking blonde who starts off on a patio gagging on a guy's dick. They soon move onto a deck chair where she gets fucked mish, accompanied by plenty of moaning and groaning. They eventually move into a living room (wouldn't want some variety in the movie or anything) and go through the same positions as the other scenes. There's doggy style on the couch, plus cowgirl and rcg. They wrap it up with a facial.

Gabby is last up, and like most of the other girls she's decent but nothing terrific. I was a bit amused because she did a bit of a striptease at the beginning and was making the most ridiculous faces I've ever seen on a girl while doing it. She takes on a big black dude who plays with her pussy while she's bending over to get things going. She gives a decent and enthusiastic blowjob, then lies on her side to get screwed on the floor, accompanied by loud grunts of pleasure. They get in some cowgirl and rcg, with her sucking him off in between, then something different with her lying on the floor with her ass in the air and him fucking her pussy. Always fun to watch. They wrap it up with doggy style and a facial. Overall, a very standard movie, with 5 scenes, repetitive sex, and mediocre looking people. There are better movies out there.

Bonus scenes (the girls in the movie doing some solo stuff)



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