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Title: Euro Angels 16  
Reviewer: Kid Cocky  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: C+
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C-
A/V Quality: C+


Euro Angels #16

Kid Cocky

Time- 137 minutes
Company- Evil Empire
Director- Christoph Clark
Cast- Sasha, Remigio, Chris Charming, Carlos Tibor


Alright folks, the scene breakdown is as follows. Sasha starts off the movie on her cell phone. She talks to a couple guys and arranges a threesome. Soon she is at the guy's house and getting tag teamed. Next up is Jovanna. She does a one on one scene with one of the European male stars. Her asshole gets totally blown open before the end of the scene. Next up is a lesbo scene with Angela and Nicole. Latex gloves and a little foot play ensue, and both girls seem to have a good time. Laura Red is next up. She's a red headed Euro slut, and she gets porked by two dudes at the same time. In the next to last scene, we get the brunette Eva in a boy/girl scene. Like most of the chicks in this movie, she winds up gaping in the end. Finally we get Michelle and Naomi. This blonde/blonde tag team are interesting to watch. The latter is dressed up as a gimp, and she straps on a dildo to help double team the blonde. Three guys also participate to make the scene that much dirtier.

The last scene is the one that really gets my attention because it is different from most of the scenes that I have watched. Four of the five participants wear masks to conceal their identity. Strap-ons are used at times, and one of the dudes even connects it to has face and fucks the non-masked blonde's asshole in a series of very creative positions. To me, it is a little creepy thinking about having a dildo strapped to my face, but this guy seems to make it work. He fucks the holy hell out of this girl's asshole with it, while the other two dudes work on the masked girl. They give her plenty of DP action. So much so that I bet her asshole will never be the same. It is quite a surprise that the girl's identity is concealed, as she is very attractive. There is sort of an allure to not knowing who she is until the end. The masked girl gets her masked taken off at the end of the scene for the cumshot. One of the guys has viteligo on his cock, making it discolored. The girls look relatively similar, enough to pass for sisters. The one who wore the mask still keeps on a dog collar and mesh outfit. Only two of the three guys cum, so they just replay the first cumshot in slow motion. In the behind the scenes the girls sit around, drink wine, and smoke.

As is the case with most euro-porn, the lighting is horrible. These French chicks aren't nearly as hot as some of the eastern european babes available in the euro market. Despite the entertaining last scene, and plenty of ass gaping, this was only an average movie. The girls weren't very attractive. The lighting was poor. There was limited behind the scenes material. The sex lacked real heat. This movie was entertaining, but the American product still far out-fucks old Europe porn.

Kid Cocky
"I grabbed a seat in the caboose of the ho-train!"


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