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Title: Unleashed  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A




133 Mins.

New Sensations


THEMES: Anal, domination, enthusiasm



STARS: Naudia Nyce, Missy Monroe, Jezebelle Bond, Harmony, Melissa Lauren, Katja Kassin, Zenza Raggi, Ben English, Chris Charming, Joachim Kesslef, Mr. Pete

Reviewed by: Mars

OK, here's the thing, watching the Behind the Scenes segment for Mr. Pete's Unleashed actually changes the tenor of the movie itself. Specifically the interviews with the girls give an insight that isn't there in their scenes. Which is a failing of the main feature. I'll explain more later, it's weirdly theoretical and perhaps more evaluation then a porn film warrants but to me it's an interesting exercise. Outside of my pseudo-academic posturing, though, Unleashed is a pretty solid gonzo romp. Mr. Pete has collected a bevy of willing beauties and they all have a rocking good time on film for our enjoyment.
Setting the tone of that rocking good time is Naudia. She's a young brunette with a pretty face and nice natural tits and a good round ass. She's slender and gap toothed, reminiscent of Bella Donna, and has a frisky read-to-go attitude that charges the scene even before the action starts. She's paired with Missy, a hot blonde with large natural tits and a good body. Missy's is in a cage at the start and she mirrors Naudia's eagerness. Their consistent enthusiasm is really the key to the scene and makes it a hot time. Details of the action are secondary to the vibrant performances they give, keeping up our belief (whether it's true or not) that they are having a great, wild time. Mr. Pete is their cock-jock and he matches (and sometimes exceeds) the girls' attitude, giving a strong domination tone to the action as he teases Missy in the cage by fucking Naudia right outside it. Missy gets out for some loving and Naudia takes charge of her. Both women have good BJ skills and Missy gets a wild fingering from Pete before they get down to he serious penetration. Lots of anal, lots of pounding sex as the ladies take turns getting stuffed. The camera angles are pretty cool and there's hardly any time when someone is just off on the sidelines. By the end it's a sweet thing to see the two of them licking jizz off each other's faces. Which isn't my favorite activity to watch, but these girls make it worth while.
This was my first encounter with Jezebelle Bond and I feel like I've missed out. She's a slender punky chick with nice tats and big pierced nipples. Jez manages to look sweet and girly even with all that ink and dyed hair. Plus when asked what she's been up to she uses the words "shenanigans" and "skylarking." I love a porn star with a vocabulary, it's charming as hell. Good legs on the girl and a decent ass, she's thin but knows how to move. Flexible and taut, Jezebelle smokes the screen. Plus when her boy shows up, she immediately gets languid and sexy, eyes half lidded and a breathy moan. I was smitten. After her guy eats her out (very well), she shows that she can suck a cock. Great hands and tongue action. The pony rides start and Jezebelle bounces on that cock for a long time. The camera does a decent job of capturing it as she gets stuffed in various positions. Of note: some intense sides action and great doggy where he stays still and she slides back and forth with style. They're both sweaty as hell by the end (indicative of a good time or hot weather...I'll vote for good time). A fine scene.
Harmony is a blonde who's very pretty without being a cookie-cutter of the other blonde starlets out there. Hope she stays that way. She's got a great set of large natural breasts (hope THEY stay that way) and a good body. Two men appear for a bout of tag cock sucking from Harmony and she does a great job. Deep swallows with enthusiasm, she bobs from one to the other, getting face fucked and tit slapped every now and then. Well done, Harmony, and good views from the camera. They decide to get into her and do so at both ends, one in the mouth, one in the cunt. This lasts for some time and the camera is our friend, moving and getting different distances to keep it fresh. And then they move to the double vag. Harmony takes it well and they do her two-in-one for a long time. Nice stuff but it takes a bit before the camera figures out how best to show it. They end up with a good shot that gives us a full view of the hottie and lets us see both cocks, much better than the crotch shot from before. They downgrade to a standing doggy and BJ, but the view of that is terrific. We get to see a full pic of Harmony as she takes it at both ends. Well done all around.
Melissa is a French girl, a slender blonde with a good ass, high boots and a very pretty face (like Heather Graham, only nakeder and nastier). This is the scene that made me analyze the flick a bit more than usual. The thing is this, Melissa likes it very rough. She only wants it in the ass and she digs MAJOR choking and slapping. However, I only know this for sure because of the interview in the bonus section. In the feature it starts with a startlingly hard slap across the face. It's ferocity is unexpected. There was very little build up to it and I was immediately made uncomfortable. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of the kinkier stuff but having it come so hard and fast and unexpectedly threw me off kilter and made me uneasy through the scene. I kept wondering, "Is this fully consensual?" Which was easy to ask when Mr. Pete was choking Melissa until her face went purple, her lips went blue, and she collapsed to the floor while he whispered "Just go to sleep" in a serial killer monotone. Strong stuff. But, in her interview in the bonus section Melissa convinced me that she was, in fact, into it. However, that didn't come across in the feature which I think is a weakness. So brace yourself, but if you're into the rough stuff this is pretty intense.
Katja is a thick and solid German frau with an excellent set of legs and a big, tight ass that she can really move. She's not fat (not even chunky, really) but she has meat on her bones and she's shaped like a fine woman. She starts by giving an extremely sexy blow job to a big dildo stuck to a mirror. It's a teasing, deep throating good time and actually bests the initial blow job she gives you her cock-jock. It's also an innovative and hot time when he does her standing doggy anal while she licks her reflection in the mirror. Interesting and appealing. Katja's a loud girl and more so when a second guy makes the scene. The D.P. action starts and we get some good views as they swap around for a while. It ends with some pile-driver anal (the guys taking turns plowing into her ass) and a facial to end the disc.
Overall: Good stuff. Unleashed impressed me with the enthusiasm of all the talent. Their attitude really livened it up and kept it hot. The weirdness with Melissa's scene makes a dent in the grade, but if you're prepared for it I doubt you'll have the same reaction.
Extras are generous with the Behind the Scenes (good interviews with several of the girls), an extra scene from China Syndrome, cumshot reel, photo gallery, four trailers and a web ad.


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