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Title: PrivateStory of Mia Stone  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


The Private Story of Mia Stone

MOVIE TYPE: Compilation

150 Mins.



THEMES: Euro-babes, interviews, bad English dialogue dubbing



STARS: Mia Stone, Bibian Norai, Jazmin, Loureen Kiss, Mandy, Mandy Bright, Rita Faltoyano, Sophie Evans, Sylvia, Yasmine, Nacho Vidal, and others

Reviewed by: Mars

There's no denying that Private puts out a slick product. Excellent picture quality, good looking women, fine sets and situations. They have money behind their productions and usually make an effort to present a complete package. Sometimes it strikes me as too slick. Whether it's the dubbed dialogue, the stilted sex, or the overly produced scenes, the Euro-porn can often leave me cold. With the Private Story series they profile various stars and give you a large sampling of their work. This time it's Mia Stone, a Hungarian with a pixie face and slender body, good smile, nice eyes. The movie is a collection of scenes from her career with Private interspersed with pieces of a long interview done exclusively for the compilation.
Not a bad plan, especially if you're a fan of the featured starlet. And even if you aren't, this is as good a place to start as any. You get a taste of her work and a large amount of sit-and-talk, which can reveal a lot.
In Mia's case it reveals that she's not a dynamic interview subject. She doesn't light up the screen when she's answering questions and tends to look uncomfortable. It seems as though she's doing this out of obligation to her contract (quite likely) and she's not hiding that at all.
The scenes start with her very first. It's the European version of Dirty Debutantes and we see the entire negotiation interview as the guy convinces her to get naked and then, on a different day, gets her to do a sex scene with him. To her credit she makes a lot of noise and generally plays nice. The static camera makes it a slog, though. The hairy guy she's with puts her through the paces and, judging by the career she then has with Private, she passes the test.
We get a fetish scene next. Mia is the kneeling sub with two dominant women in vinyl outfits flanking her. They also have a couple of pliable studs who are directed by the Alpha Dom. She's a hot brunette but the only English she knows is the shoe-company phrase "Just do it" which she overuses. She directs them into various positions of a sexual nature, getting the other dom girl involved as well. Not a bad set up but the payoff is a bit lackluster. There are some very hot moments (commanding Mia to eat her clit as she rides reverse cowgirl is one) but on the whole they get more points for concept than execution of an idea. Mia takes some D.P. as does the beta dom girl. It's a long scene but that diminishes the hot parts.
The next is a beach scene with a guy and another girl. Secondary girl is a taut and tan blonde who's got a kicking body. The English dubbed dialogue is funny (especially the very deep female voice they give the petite Mia) and the sand is everywhere. The thought of the gritty sex is enough to make one wince, and Mia herself confirms that fear in her interview, saying the sand was not pleasant. The guy has a massive tool and puts it everywhere he can on both women. The camera work is pretty good (jesus, that sand is everywhere) and all three of them stay involved which is a big plus in a threesome.
Up next is a scene from Lust Tango in Paris. The lead in doesn't make any sense out of context (would it make any sense in context?) and involves a painting and having Mia and another girl in judges robes. The strip to classic black lingerie that clings to their excellent bodies in all the right ways. There's some very good kissing action before the serious stuff gets started. And it's not bad stuff, either, but they fall for the threesome trap where one of the girls just sits by herself as the other two fuck. Ah well...
Maybe I'm being too harsh. It might be Mia's limited English that makes her a boring interview. Though it might be that she doesn't have much of an opinion and doesn't elaborate much. Each bit of info is hard to get out of her.
We get footage of an exclusive photoshoot (good value-add material for the disc) and then jump into an all girl scene. They are in fetish latex outfits that are just adorable. Yes, really. They are all top notch Euro-babes, with hot bodies and pretty faces. It would be a fine time watching them use dildos on each other with abandon. Of course, having JUST heard Mia say in the interview that she doesn't really like fucking girls the fantasy is kind of ruined. So don't watch that part, just skip to the scene and enjoy some good strap on fucking. Pretty cool.
So what happens when you put doggy make-up on Mia, put her hair in pigtails, and have her fucked mercilessly by a couple of huge studs? A decent scene happens, is what. The fucking is fast and pounding. One of the guys looks like a slab of beef. Massive fucker, and a dick to match. He tears into the two girls with his pal and the action is pretty good. It's a fast scene, unfortunately, but quality stuff for the time.
A six person group scene comes up in the queue and it's not very focused on Mia. That doesn't matter, though, it's good porn. With four girls and two guys we get two threesome groups and they manage to writhe around together well. The camera views are nice, changes very quickly but keeps things interesting. It's sweaty enthusiastic sex (Nacho Vidal is one of the guys so that's no surprise) and the girls take some good rides on the available rods.
OK, I'm not a huge fan of point-of-view porn. Where the guy holds the camera like it's his view and watches the girl as they fuck. Usually it just seems gimmicky. This one, however, is the best I've seen. It has a lot to do with Mia being really good at playing to the camera. She does a strip tease that really emphasizes the tease. There's also some decent dirty talk. We get great views of that taut body and she gives a great show. They twist through several positions (good BJ, Mia) and then the guy mounts the camera on a tripod so he can have both hands free. I don't blame him. Mia's mewling moans are enough to drive anyone nuts.
Overall: Still not the greatest fan of Euro-porn. But this is a good collection of scenes that show Mia in various different lights. I'd recommend it.
Extras include a chapter search, many different languages, an extensive photo collection, cast lists, production notes, and five trailers.



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