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Title: Chix in the Mix 2  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: n/a
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Chix in the Mix #2


Mins. 118

Platinum X Pictures

DIRECTOR: Jewel De'Nyle

THEMES: Interracial, all-girl, sex toys, big tits



STARS: Maliyah, Jada Fire, Olivia O'lovely, Carmen Hayes, Vanessa Blue, Victoria Givens, Madison Monroe, Monique, Stacey Cash, Lisa Marie

Reviewed by: Mars

I actually have to qualify the grade on this one and it's going to sound harsher than it is. I'm going to give it a B because it doesn't belong with the grade C, dead average dreck that is so quickly shoveled out of San Fernando Valley. Chix in the Mix #2 is better than average. But! It is very close to the line. On the whole the actresses are doing a good job, they make the right noises and are reasonably convincing. But the action is pretty standard stuff. Not very inspiring. See? That sounded totally harsh. There is definite worth to the flick, but it only does the minimum to differentiate itself from the herd.
To begin we get the impressively breasted Jada Fire, a black lady with a great body. Good curves, good face, and taut. She's paired with Maliyah, a tall white girl with a pretty face and great ass topping off nice legs. They tangle tongues for a bit (Jada's got an impressively long one) and focus in on each others' large melons. Which is good! Go with your strengths. Maliyah gets her pussy played with first and then attention shifts to Jada's pretty, bald cunt. The blonde eats and fingers Jada's pussy and sticks a toy in the lady's butt. That leads to a second toy in Jada's twat and a long bout of dildo fucking. Maliyah gets a quick turn too, showing off her ass in doggy style before they share a double dong. They kiss playfully to end it. Not bad.
Stacey is a black girl with a high forehead, slender body and a good ass. Lisa is a white girl with a similar body and another decent rear. They work well together, keeping the chatter going as they play. It's a bit of kissing and groping to start and that goes well. Stacey tastes Lisa with some sexy and slow sucking. Nicely done. Lisa has a try and gets her quick tongue and fingers to work on Stacey's snatch. Stacey moves well, languid and sensuous. They get to the dildo fucking and take turns doing each other before sharing a double dildo. They're pretty good together but you'll notice that this scene was very similar to the first. Different girls, same action.
Victoria and Vanessa also seem like a good match. Victoria is the lighter half of this pairing, with a good face, very fake tits, and a slender build. Vanessa is a curvy knockout in her own right, with huge breasts and a great body to carry them around. After the requisite tongue twisting that seems to pass for kissing in the fear-of-smearing-make-up world of porn, they turn to the pussy part of the scene. Victoria fingers Vanessa, working up to four digits, and then Vanessa does her thing with fingers and tongue to Victoria's nether regions (and she does it well). Victoria gets some butt plug action before fucking her partner with a stainless steel dildo. That's all right, but it's cooler when Vanessa straps one on and fucks Victoria in both holes. The two of them are yeoman porn stars, doing their jobs professionally and competently.
Olivia, a Latina with a great ass and good legs, is paired with Carmen, who's got freakin' huge natural tits. The best thing is that Carmen's body is curvy and fit, no chunky to her, and she can put her legs behind her head. Love a flexible woman. They take some quality time for tongue lashing before releasing the melons and doing a lot of good nipple sucking. Again Jewel De'Nyle has found a couple of girls that work well together. The chemistry is there and they give a good show. It's standard, like the others, with Olivia fucking Carmen with a toy and Carmen doing the same, even getting a dildo in the girl's ass for a rubber D.P. The major problem, besides being formulaic, is that it needs some more editing. The intensity is decent for a long time but eventually peters out. Good actresses, good action, just too much. And after seeing the same pattern in all the other scenes there's nothing new to keep it fresh.
To finish off we get a new starting bit. The two girls give solo strip teases for the camera. The white girl for this scene will be played by Madison Monroe. She's a round faced blonde with a bald pussy who looks REALLY young. She also has the shy presence of an awkward teen, which reinforces the impression of youth. Stacey is the black woman who will take Madison. She's not the prettiest chick in the film but she does have a sultry look about her that's sexy. The action starts with Madison sucking Stacey's strap on. Not bad as Stacey is very vocal and take charge. She eats the blonde out a while and Madison isn't showing much with her face, not good play to the camera. Which is too bad because Stacey is really good with the strap on. Judging from the noises coming from her, it's hard to remember that it's not actually Stacey's cock. She also puts on a good, intense show when Madison uses a toy on her. This lasts much longer than Madison getting fucked and it's obvious why, Stacey knows how to have a good time and lets the camera see it. For sincerity alone she gets the prize.
Overall: The big complaint I have is that each scene has exactly the same elements and nearly the exact same sequences. Kissing and groping, some eat outs, toy fucking for each (with a unique toy thrown in), and then done. Each segment follows the formula with few variations outside of the personnel. Jewel is perhaps the hardest working woman in porn but this one just seemed phoned in. As mentioned earlier, it's above average, but only just.
Extras include chapter selection, behind the scenes (not a great interviewer), photo shoot footage, a photo gallery, URL, a Jewel De'Nyle bio, and four trailers.


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