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Title: Platinum Blondes 3  
Reviewer: Loomis  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: A
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Jewel De'Nyle's XXX Platinum Blondes Volume #3
125 Mins.
Platinum X
DIRECTOR: Jewel De'Nyle
THEMES: Oral, Anal, Vaginal, P2M, A2M, and Sexy Women
STARS: Angela Stone, Roxanne Hall, Katie Morgan, Trina Michaels and Barbara Summer

Reviewed by: Loomis

I always remember the first time I had ever seen Jewel De'Nyle on the web. She looked like the perfect woman, with a phenomenal rack and just a tremendously good attitude about sex of all types. I always thought, "This woman knows exactly what men want." Once she got into directing, I was not proven to be wrong. While Jewel has retired from performing, she is still intent on bringing some of the most intense and well-shot porn to the marketplace, and she must be respected highly for that. Other famous stars have gone on to direct and own their own companies (Jill Kelly and JKP come to mind) but it seems that some of those companies have lost their zeal for recording people fucking (and enjoying themselves) in the process. Jewel will never be put on that list, as far as I can tell.

The first scene in Volume #3 of the platinum blondes is with Angela Stone and Manuel Ferrara. This is the first time that I have seen Angela, but I know the outline of Manuel Ferrara's cock slightly better than I know my own-the man is simply that ubiquitous. (I am paraphrasing that description from a well-known reviewer, by the way). Angela does not appear to give great head, but then again, she is working with a tool roughly the diameter of a Coke can. Angela is also a squirter, something that I have never really understood the fascination with. I am personally down with women keeping their fluids inside to lubricate, but maybe I am in the minority judging by the number of squirting lines that has come out recently. I do really like how her body looks in the fishnets, though, and her willingness to rim Mr. Ferrara is pleasing as well. She does some P2M (licking up her own juices) but this is a bit uninspiring. A Manuel shot onto the side of her face and one or two launches gets into her mouth and this scene is over. Not too impressive, really.

Roxanne Hall is up second, and her scene makes her look a bit tired. She has been around for a long time, and I am afraid the performance in this scene makes that pretty apparent. She seems a wee bit bored, and subsequently so am I. Even when begging to get it into her ass, she seems a bit distant to all of the action. She takes a facial and the post-pop footage is over far too quickly. Jewel needs to speak with her editor.

Katie Morgan is the next girl in question. I know that there a lot of Katie Morgan fans out there, but I have not ever really seen a great appeal. Yeah, her fake rack and body are really tight (the boobs maybe being a bit too tight), but I have never found her face to be exceptionally attractive nor have I found her energy to be very strong in most of the scenes that I have viewed. That being said, I think that she turns in a fine performance in this film. Her minimal tease footage makes me want to see more of her, and when her scene really gets going I am not disappointed. While there is nothing atypical here, she really seems into it. No anal for Katie, but her P2M dismount off the dong of Mark Wood is really sexy. When he finally shoots over her left silicone-stuffed left breast, she is careful to make sure that she sucks out every last drop from his cock. Katie has done well in this one.

Second to last is a scene featuring Trina Michaels, who delivers some of the best head in the business. She deep throats big dicks so easily that I would like to see her in a scene with Sledge, Mandingo, Biggz, etcetera...failing that she could always give me a shot. While I have a length nowhere near comparable I could certainly stand my ground, err, uh, or.... awww crap, I just think that getting a BJ from this chick would be incredible. She has a great voice and really seems to enjoy getting nailed in both holes in every imaginable position. She is also not afraid to taste either her ass or her pussy on the dick that has just recently left those places. Her great big lower-back tattoo notwithstanding, this woman is pure eye-candy. The last scene I saw her in had her do far too much screaming (which came off as fake) but this one really delivers the goods. When she takes a great big load in the mouth and says "Oh, yeah" repeatedly and then swallows, there is little more that the porn viewer can as for.

Finally, cover girl Barbara Summer rounds out this cavalcade of sexy sluts with platinum blonde hair. Barbara is from somewhere in Europe, but it does not matter even to those that are totally partial to American broads in their porn. This chick screams sexuality, even without the fuck-me boots and the studded collar. I am certain that she has no trouble getting dates; in fact I would imagine that she has to carry Mace on her key chain to put dogs (either canine or homo sapiens) off of her. She is that wonderful, with a perfect body and a willingness to do anything in the sexual realm. I could go into a blow-by-blow of this scene, but it could not possibly do it justice. I will state that she gives phenomenal head, rims on demand, does P2M, A2M, tea-bagging, and just generally fucks like a banshee. This is my favorite scene all year, and more than makes up for some of the more boring stuff that precedes it. Her pile driver facial at the end (after repeated A2M) leaves her looking like she wants more, and that is something that I have rarely seen following such an intense session.

You should buy this DVD.


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