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Title: Teens Need Chocolate Cum 2  
Reviewer: Loomis  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Teens Need Chocolate Cum #2
120 Mins.
Red Light District
DIRECTOR: David Luger
THEMES: Interracial, teens, anal, oral, some swallowing

STARS: Brittany James, Tiffany Holiday, Anita Dolce, Kimmie Kream, and Kelly Wells

Reviewed by: Loomis

I think that David Luger has a great job. He shoots for one of the most well respected and consistent porn companies in the business and still gets to pick one or two of the stars from each film to blow him for bonus footage. This film is no letdown, and should be put up there with his finest efforts.

The first scene is with Brittany James, a hot young thing apparently from Florida. She has a perfect nineteen year-old body with natural breasts and medium-length dark hair. While her face is not perfect, it is really sexy in a young girl way. She does an interview (another staple of Luger) and claims she was not a good student. I imagine that she did not have to work any too hard to get A's in class however. She works with Sean Michaels, who shows up in a suit for some odd reason. He fondles her perfectly shaved slit before eating some taco and does some rimming from behind. She seems darn impressed with his rod when it is her turn for oral, but she does her level-headed (admittedly an awful pun) best when it goes in her mouth. It is not any too deep, but it looks like it feels fantastic. (Incidentally, is any one else out there sick of drool and gagging?) After some missionary she gets on top and rides him for a bit in both CG positions, and then lets him put that thing into her mouth again. After that there is some doggie and then he shoots onto her outstretched tongue. He either misfires badly or just had a tremendously small load, because she ends up with almost no goop. I think that she swallows, but when you are dealing with an amount smaller than a milliliter, it is difficult to tell. It is still a really good scene.

Next up is Tiffany Holiday, and she alone is the reason that you should purchase this DVD. She literally begs for some cock during her tease footage, while standing and playing with herself the entire time. When Luger asks her to turn around and show him her asshole, she sticks a digit up into it with no hesitation and without being asked. This is a quality chick. She has the most perfect breasts that I have seen in porn for a long time, and they are completely natural. Somebody needs to fly me out to LA for an interview with this lovely young lass (hint, hint). She is eventually made to skip rope and ride a scooter before her meat is brought into the picture. The meat in question belongs to Tee Reel, and he gets her going with his tongue while they are still outdoors. She does a great job sucking when they return to the bedroom and then he mounts her in doggy.

Some missionary follows this until it becomes time for some anal mish. She moves one of the pigtails off of her perfect breast and asks him if he would like to watch her lick her nipple while he fucks her ass. Thank goodness that this guy is a porno veteran, or the scene would be over for 99.9% of the male population right there. Sweet Fancy Moses, that is really sexy. When the anal ends he shoots into her open mouth and swallows every drop, being careful to get the last bit out of his dong with some hard sucking. This is just fantastic stuff, people.
Anita Dolce is up next and she looks like a young white girl that you really want to bang. Her breasts are pretty small and her ass is big and sexy. She gets both Sean and Tee in her scene and she does a great job. Everything following the Tiffany scene, however, is a bit of a letdown.

Anita does great work swallowing both loads; Kimmy Kream has a really sexy and deep-throated voice (her scene has an internal pop with Sledge Hammer) and Kelly Wells rounds out the show with a nice DP scene that concludes with her swallowing both loads at the end as well. The Lugeriffic bonus scenes are BJs from Brittany and Kelly, the two ladies that bookend the film.

Overall, this film gets my highest rating. If you happen to be some racist moron that hates interracial, you are not going to like it. Every other fan of really high-quality porn with really hot girls and really hot sex is going to want to own this one.   


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