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Title: All American She-Male Road Trip 9  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: B
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


All American She-Male Road Trip #9


155 Mins.

Evil Angel

DIRECTOR: Joey Silvera

THEMES: She-males, domination, anal



STARS: Asia Lee, Danielle Foxxx, Vicki Richter, Sheeba, Mariah, Amber, Bambi Star, Ariana Jollee, Tom Moore, Dex, Christian, Shanhan

Reviewed by: Mars

It's a good thing Joey Silvera is out there making she-male movies. I don't know that he'll be winning any diversity awards anytime soon but he sure does make it fun to watch trannies have sex. And with this series he's limited himself to American t-girls so we get to see the best that the U.S. has to offer. Usually the Brazilian she-males have a lock on sweet transsexuals, Silvera, however, has put that to the test and we've made a good showing.
To keep things clear I'll use hir and s/he as pronouns for the she-males.
To start that showing we get Asia Lee. S/he's a nice package. Very pretty face, great legs, small tits, with a fine cock. After a bit of showing off Asia gets a cock to suck and takes it deep, slow and wet with every swallow. S/he shows some formidable blow-job skills and gets some mouth time from hir cock-jock in return. That soon becomes Asia pumping his ass doggy style as s/he talks softly to him. He gets a bit of doggy time on hir and we get a good look at hir fine ass as s/he slides back on that rod nicely. The camera is great, giving us the views of that hot she-male as s/he makes small noises and wiggles. It's gentle, sweet, and fucking sexy as hell. Asia is into it, as is hir guy, and they give a fine performance. S/he strokes off onto his chest in thanks.
Next is the longest scene on the disc. It lasts for almost half the video and with good reason. It's almost three scenes in one, with minor breaks before the action heats up again. The talent is the same throughout. There's Ariana, a brunette genetic girl who's very submissive (to begin she asks that Joey demand she starts sucking cock, in answer he reaches over, grips her hair and forces her down on Danielle's rod. She's into it). She's also convincingly horny. I certainly believed her. She gets two freaking hot trannies. Vicki Richter is one of the best contemporary t-girls, fantastic legs and ass, Angelina Jolie lips, long blonde hair and a taut body. Danielle Foxxx is a total knockout. S/he has a curvy bod that won't quit, fantastic tits, a pretty face and a take charge attitude that puts Ariana in her place immediately. And both trannies have long, hard cocks that they know how to use.
The action is too long to describe in great detail. Suffice to say that Ariana gets so thoroughly used, in every hole, that she's out of breath, sweaty, and disoriented at the end of the shoot. The build up to the action - the long, slow blow-jobs Ariana gives and the commands from Danielle - is intense and almost too much to bear. I didn't want to miss a bit of Ariana's worshipful cock-sucking but I also wanted to see the fucking start. When it does it's hot as hell. Danielle is a great pussy and ass pounder, not letting up as s/he jackhammers into the girl (and Vicki later on). Vicki gets hir turn as well, using Ariana as well as her t-girl partner does. The end of it all is brought on by exhaustion more than anything. You may also want to take a minute to cool down.
Sheeba is a black she-male with extremely fine, large tits and a round ass that s/he shows off a lot. Add to that a large hard cock and a submissive cock-jock and we've got a show to watch. S/he feeds him hir dick and he does well with it. He's a drooler and the cock sucking is quite wet. Sheeba gets hir ass fingered and pops in his mouth before face fucking him. S/he's not at all shy and squat thrusts that rod into his mouth for a time before the scene ends. Too bad there wasn't any actual fucking, but Sheeba's not hard on the eyes.
Mariah is a tall, tan, Cuban t-girl. S/he's skinny with a good face and long blonde hair. S/he has a thing for cops and handcuffs so a guy in a cop uniform shows up to cuff hir. Mariah isn't the best cock sucker but s/he and her guy are into each other and the action gets hot when the fucking starts. The best is when he takes hir from behind, showing off her long hair and smooth thighs. It's another short scene but their chemistry is good and that makes things steamy.
Amber is a black tranny with good legs but a thick torso. Small tits with puffy nipples and a great ass. Hir cock-jock tosses hir salad (good butt profile on the t-girl) and sucks hir shaft a bit. Amber talks to him as he goes down on hir and it's a good time. S/he's better at the blow-jobs, though, and shows us all before fucking him mish and doggy. The guy likes it fine and takes a turn pumping hir from behind with some good camera angles for our elucidation. Not bad.
Bambi, a she-male in a ridiculously porno cop costume, has a very good set of breasts and a similarly nice cock. They talk through a laughable set up with bad dialogue but Bambi's constant (and seemingly sincere) rubbing of hir breasts distracts us nicely from the bad lines. They trade fellatio before s/he pounds his ass a while. He does hir for a bit and has hir come in his mouth. He gives hir the same treatment but Bambi is not excited about his manly seed. Too bitter, s/he states.
Overall: Good times. The scene with Danielle, Vicki, and Ariana is worth the price alone. The other scenes (almost by necessity) are shorter, but Asia and Mariah give us good shows and the others look good doing what they do.
Extras include a chapter search, fetish menu, extra footage (fun), photo gallery, cast list, filmographies, and URLs.


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