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Title: No Swallowing Allowed 4  
Reviewer: Stroker  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


No Swallowing Allowed #4


180 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Chico Wang

THEMES: Facials, Anal, Gagging, Cum


STARS: Kayla Marie, Faith, Maxine Moore, Alexis Sunshine, Penny Flame, Kacey, Paige Turner

Reviewed by: Stroker

REVIEW- No Swallowing Allowed #4

There is one given that can make any porn girl better looking and that is a load of cum on her face. Yes even an ugly slut like Kelly Wells can look better covered with cum. So this flick focuses on the art of dumping cum on a whores face and a lot of cum it is. The movie is big on action and jumps all around. It all leads to some pretty good action, even if the girls aren't all the best looking. Good thing they are covered with plenty of cum.

Since this movie jumps around, I'm not going to give the chronology of the movie rather I will just give a description of what each whore does in her scenes.

Maxine Moore is first up and is quickly having guys jerk off and cum on her face. Guy after guy comes up and drops cum all over her face, while she tries not to break a smile or open her eyes for that matter. The next time we see Maxine it is for a POV blowjob and she does a good job working cock in her mouth. A facial is what becomes of all her oral efforts. The final time we see this cute blonde, she has to take on a big cock. Maxine starts of giving head and then has her pussy pounded. Even though she will let guy after guy cum on her face, Maxine doesn't let a cock up her ass. Not necessarily her best trait. She is one of the cuter ones in this flick and has some good action in her scenes.

Alexis Sunshine really does a good job of servicing dick in this movie. Her first time up, she has to take on two cocks and doesn't hold back. She lets them fuck her in all her fuckholes and doesn't hesitate to perform ATM when a cock comes out of her ass. Alexis also doesn't mind having both her ass and pussy fucked at the same time. Alexis first scene ends with the guys depositing cum on her face. Alexis then is spotted in the bathroom and it is time for another cock to cum on her face. Later on Alexis is back wearing a blue cum catcher around her neck. This really comes in handy when a group of guys are jerking off and dropping nut on her face. Like most sluts that wear a cum catcher, Alexis becomes covered in cum. Alexis is back again to service two more cocks with her pussy and mouth. Cum is put on her face as a reward for all her slutty efforts. This whore gives good action throughout the film and provides some definite stroking action.

Penny Flame is a decent brunette that has a pretty good body. She also has a habit of taking cum on the chin. Her first scene is a solo blowjob that results in a facial. Penny has average skills with a cock in her mouth. Penny appears again in the bathroom and gives a much better blowjob this time around. Penny gets to show off her fucking abilities the next time we see her. After playing with herself, Penny has the privilege of fucking a big black cock. This is one of two appearances where Penny puts a black dick in her mouth and pussy. No anal, which is a little disappointing. She is alright, but nothing I would cancel plans to stay home and wack off.

Kelly Wells is the next girl who uses cum as makeup and she definitely needs it. This whore just does nothing for me and it is a shame because she seems like she would be a nasty fuck. The first scene she fucks three guys and does all the things that a slut should. Her ass is thoroughly fucked including some double penetration and rimming. Kelly then has the guys aim away at her face with cum that mostly lands on her eyes. Kelly appears again and this time she is choking on some cock. Unfortunately she looks no better this time around either. A facial ends this action, but this whore has more dick in her future. Which makes her come back later and allow the fellas one last try at making this bitch better looking. Finally they succeed by having guy after guy drop cum on her face until the ugliness is gone. Sorry Kelly don't mean to be mean, but I need better looks from the girls I stroke to. One positive about Kelly is that she does seem like a good fuck.

Faith is a cute brunette that is first seen having guy after guy cum on her pretty face. Faith is really cute and doesn't appear to be the type that would have guys randomly cum on her face. Strokers should be happy that she does. This is just a tease and the next time Faith appears she is ready to fuck. She gives us perverts the pleasure of seeing her take dick in all her holes. Faith goes from a girl that you wouldn't expect to be in porn, to a whore with a cock in her ass. Faith's final appearance allows her to display her oral skills, which include gagging on cock. Faith is a total pleasure to Strokers everywhere and she clearly shines in this movie.

Kayla Marie is the last girl that appears in this movie and is clearly the hottest. She also doesn't mind having dick fill up her holes. First time we see her take on two guys that take care of her fuckholes by giving her plenty of Double Penetration. Kayla takes care of the guys and then wants to swallow cum for the first time. Unfortunately, cum and this slut don't go together well as she spits it up. So Vince gives her another chance and Kayla again tries to swallow cum. So seven loads of cum fill up this slut's mouth as she tries to swallow cum. However she fails again and spits cum up, which is probably better than if she would of swallowed. Kayla is definitely the best of the bunch and provides good stroke material.

There are two other sluts that make quick appearances, but definitely are worth it. Kacey performs oral sex and then let's a group of guys cum on her face. Really nice scene involving Kacey. The other has Paige Turner appear and suck a dick through a glory hole. Both scenes are quick, but definitely add to the stroke value.

Overall this is a solid movie for any Stroker to at least rent and probably own. Lots of hot action and a decent cast highlighted by Kayla and Faith with plenty of fun with cum. Only downer is Kelly Wells, but the action and cum covered sluts make up for it. It was fast paced with plenty of different action thrown all around, which I definitely liked.


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