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Title: Jungle Love 4  
Reviewer: Stroker  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Jungle Love #4

MOVIE TYPE: Interracial

120 Mins.



THEMES: Interracial, Anal, Facials


STARS: Melissa Lauren, Jennifer, Trina Michaels, Camilla, Alex Devine, Leah Luv, Nikol, Morgan March, Sabrina

Reviewed by: Stroker

REVIEW- Jungle Love #4

There isn't anything wrong with a little Jungle Love, especially when Melissa Lauren is one of the girls getting that love. Melissa, Sabrina, Jennifer and Alex Devine shine while taking the black dick plunge with some other girls. The action is pretty standard Stroker material with plenty of Asses getting poked and gaped. The cast is pretty decent which should help Strokers during their lonely nights. There is one exception and I will get to her.

First up is a brunette Melissa Lauren, while she may have changed her hair color she hasn't changed her slutty ways. Melissa is "Miss Reliable" because Strokers can rely on her to give a hot performance. While this isn't her best work, it is definitely better than most porn whores best. Nice wet blowjob action that leads to her pussy getting banged. Melissa's scene wouldn't be complete without some anal action. Gapes and ATM's also have to occur and Melissa proves her worthiness to full time masturbators everywhere. A facial closes the scene it.

Next up is Trina Michaels and I'm a little sick of this chic. Sure she does plenty of anal and is attractive, but every movie she seems to be in. Plus I hate her fake tits. She is becoming instant fast forward material, which sucks because lube gets all over the remote. Trina allows a big black cock to go into all her fuckholes starting with her mouth. Her pussy is next followed by some anal action. A weak pop shot finishes the action off.

Camilla and Sabrina share some black dick between them in the next scene. Camilla is a cute blonde with a nice body, while Sabrina is an attractive brunette. The girls undress each other and make nice until it is time for some cock. These two do a nice job sharing a cock orally and then the sluts get fucked. Sabrina does a great job-handling dick in her ass, while Camilla passed on the challenge. Sabrina gets her ass-drilled good and is the beneficiary of nice drop of nut on her face. A good scene with Sabrina doing all the slut work.

Two more whores are up to take on black dick and lucky for Strokers they are Leah Luv and Alex Devine. Leah is cute girl that has a mouth full of braces and a cock after awhile. While Alex is a dependable slut that looks really good fucking a black cock in this flick. Both girls suck and fuck, but only Alex takes it in the ass, however she does get that ass worked over pretty good. Leah is cute but is overshadowed by the "Anal Theatre" performed by Alex. Overall a good scene that ends with the whores swapping cum.

Nikol and Jennifer are the next sluts to have some Jungle Love. Jennifer is a hottie and Nikol is cute, especially with a black dick up her ass. The girls play nice with each other before they embark on their journey of fucking black cock. Both girls don't mind putting cock in their ass and get worked over pretty good. Jennifer looks great doing anal, but would of liked to seen a little longer of a pounding. Nikol swallows cum and then licks it in Jennifer's pussy.

Morgan March is the final slut up and she gets a black dick all to herself. Morgan looks a little haggard to me. Not only is she a little haggard but she doesn't even put a black cock up her ass. Strokers definitely can pass right through this slut sucking dick and getting her pussy fucked. She just isn't worth the lube.

This is a decent interracial movie that has some good Stroker material. Plenty of whores enjoy black dick and besides Trina and Morgan, they are good to stroke to. Melissa and Alex are two sluts that really get me jacking and this was no exception. Rent it first and see if you need to own afterwards.


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