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Title: Jailbait  
Reviewer: Stroker  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: n/a
A/V Quality: A




170 Mins.

Red Light District

DIRECTOR: Eric Everhard

THEMES: Teen, Anal, Cum swallowing, Anal Creampie


STARS: Jasmine Bryne, Melissa Lauren, Kat, Keri Sable, Vanilla

Reviewed by: Stroker

REVIEW- Jailbait

The bait is tempting and the boys at Red Light make sure that they take it and a Stroker couldn't be more pleased. Or busier jerking off for that matter. This teen-themed movie is just damn good and it starts with the excellent cast and followed by hot action from all the whores. As for the all-star cast it includes Keri Sable, Melissa Lauren, and Jasmine Byrne. Keri is just flat out hot and might be the hottest girl in porn. Melissa is the one slut in porn that never disappoints and this is one of her better scenes. Jasmine is another slut that I'm really starting to like. Wasn't sure, but this scene sold me on her. The other two whores servicing cock include Kat and Vanilla and both are easy to rub one too.

The action starts off right away with Melissa Lauren proving once again why she might be the best whore in the business. Two dicks are there to help her prove this point. Dressed in a slutty schoolgirl outfit, Melissa looks great. She starts off choking on the two guys dicks before she invites them in her holes. Melissa does practically every deed full time Strokers wish all whores did. Rimming, ATM, Double Penetration, Gaping, Melissa does it all. She doesn't do a double anal, but makes up for it by putting the ball of a mouth gag up her ass. Which of course is cleaned off in her mouth. The ball that is stuffed up her ass is huge. The scene ends with Melissa chowing down on a mouthful of cum. This scene is a great scene that will cut into any Strokers supply of lube.

Kat is up next and she truly fits the whole teen-themed aspect of this flick. Kat is cute with small perky tits and a mouth full of braces. She also doesn't mind taking dick in her ass for prolonged periods of time, which adds up to a winning combination for any Stroker. Kat starts off with one dick, but it doesn't take long before she is servicing two other cocks as well. Kat might look young but that doesn't stop her from giving nice sloppy blowjobs to the guys. She really lets the boys fuck her hard and has dick in her ass in no time. The fellas then give one long anal pounding that feature plenty of Double Penetrations. If the anal action wasn't enough Kat is also Gaped and performs ATM. She swallows three loads of cum to bring this scene to rest. Another hot scene that is sure to leave a good impression for the Strokers out there.

Vanilla is the next girl up, wearing a hat that says Slut on it and a shirt that reads "This Way to Heaven" with an arrow pointing to her pussy, it doesn't take long for her to get picked up by a couple of big dick studs. Vanilla gives head in the car until she reaches the destination where she has to service three guys. She sucks off the three guys and then begins getting fucked. Vanilla is the type of whore that doesn't waste time with a dick in her pussy, when one could just as easy go up her ass. Vanilla is Gaped, performs ATM and licks the fella's Asses. Surprisingly, Vanilla doesn't put one cock in her pussy, which isn't a bad thing. Vanilla then eats the cum of all three guys that just fucked the shit out of her ass. Another solid scene for those Strokers out there that beat their cock constantly.

Jasmine Bryne is up next and I had to go to the store for more lube and this time I got the Super-sized bottle. Good move considering the talents that are displayed from this whore. She starts out sucking some guy's dick in a playground and puts it in her pussy before it is off to a house where three cocks await her. Nice fucking on the playground, but better things are just around the corner for this whore. Jasmine's arrival at the house doesn't go so great so she has to suck dick and swallow cum in order to get to the three guys that are going to fuck her. Finally we get Jasmine using every fuckhole she has to get the boys off. Jasmine shows off her oral skills with some nice deep throat action. She gets Double Penetrated, Gaped, performs ATM, licks ass and has the skills that will get any Stroker's full attention. Unlike the other whores that let the guys cum in their mouth, this bitch takes things a little further. Not only does she need a dick up her ass, but she also needs all three guys to cum in her ass. Jasmine than has the cum drop out of her ass on to a table. The camera captures this great and then shows her licking it off the table. Great scene featuring a whore that really knows how to earn a Strokers respect.

Now with all the hard-core action that has ensued, usually a Stroker would be disappointed if the final whore doesn't take cock up their ass, but not with this flick. That is because the final girl is Keri Sable. She is one of if not the hottest porn star out there and looks great in braids and a schoolgirl outfit. Not to mention when she is stuffing cock down her throat. Keri only takes on one dick, but it is a pleaser to just see this slut naked. She gets her pussy pounded, while randomly taking time out to suck dick. The scene ends with Keri swallowing a load of cum. Keri is hot as hell and the scene is good, but nothing like the earlier hardcore action. Still very easy to jerk off too.

This is one of my new favorites and definitely should be owned by anybody that is constantly in need of good porn to masturbate to. All the sluts in it look great in their schoolgirl outfits and look better when they are taking care of cock. Just a damn good movie to spend a couple days non-stop jerking off too.  


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