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Title: Cum Stained Casting Couch  
Reviewer: Stroker  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Cum Stained Casting Couch


132 Mins.

Red Light District

DIRECTOR: Jake Malone

THEMES: Twins, Anals, Facials


STARS: Cali Marie, Cherish, Svetlana, Sunshine, Paola Rey, Nicole Brazzle, Courtney Cummz

Reviewed by: Stroker

REVIEW- Cum Stained Casting Couch

It is such a beautiful experience when someone can accomplish their dreams and it is even better when you can share that experience with family. That's why it is so special to see two twin slut sisters like Cali Marie and Cherish fulfilling their dreams of sucking dick for a living. And this is exactly what Red Light District brings you in this smut flick. That in itself should be enough to check out a porno, but throw into the mix Paola Rey and Nicole Brazzle and things are definitely looking promising.

The first girl to audition on a soon to be Cum Stained Casting Couch is Paola Rey. This girl from Rio is the reason that Strokers stay home on a Saturday night. She is one of the prettiest girls sucking dick and definitely is one of the better ones at it. The opening scene of her walking in is definitely awesome, along with her putting cock in her mouth. Paola doesn't do anal and that is a shame, however it doesn't take away from her skills working a dick. A facial helps Paola become even better looking. Nicole Brazzle is the next girl up and she is a Stroker's friend. She looks damn good in a Cowboy hat doing some line dancing topless, but looks even better taking on two cocks. The only complaint is this bitches southern accent. Luckily her mouth can do other things like slobber on some dick. This whore also knows how to ride some big black cock. No anal and Nicole makes sure that no cum goes down her throat by spitting it out. Good scene for Nicole.

Courtney Cummz is up next and we finally get to see a whore take it up the ass. Good thing for Strokers is she isn't the last one to do it either. Courtney is cute and has a nice body that takes a pounding. Like any anal slut, Courtney gets gaped with some ATM and has her tongue go up and down a guy's asshole. Courtney is rewarded for all her ass fucking by receiving an Anal Creampie. Svetlana is up next and this slut just doesn't get me in the mood to rub one off. She is a decent blonde that has the privilege of taking on two big cocks. The boys penetrate all her fuckholes and even let the whore get double penetrated. Cum is swallowed and Svetlana is done. Not the best looking, but definitely nasty enough for Strokers.

The next scene is the one that Perverts have been waiting for and it involves the twins. Not sure if they are identical, but they are pretty close. They also don't mind fucking at the same time, as they are treated to a Porn stud each. Cherish however needs both dicks to fill her up. Both girls give head and get their pussies fucked. However Cherish is the bigger whore in this flick as she let's the boys pound her ass. Hell this girl even performs some Double Penetration, while Cali watches. If there was some sibling rivalry, Cherish would win the competition for Anal whore. The girls smile as cum is being plastered on their faces. Good scene and twins are definitely double the stroke value.

Sunshine is the final slut to appear and she is pretty cute with a nice big ass. She also doesn't mind sticking cock up there either. Sunshine shows her worth by sucking and fucking two big dicks. This slut does a good job orally displaying a knack for deepthroating dick. She licks some ass and let's the boys give her a D.P. Good decent strokeable scene that ends with a Cum Covered Sunshine.

This is just dependable stroking fare from the boys at Red District. The twins are nice, but Paola and Nicole are better. And in two sluts like Sunshine and Courtney Cummz and you have a pretty good evening of Masturbation in your future. Definitely rent for the Twins and buy for the other whores. Another nice bonus is the blowjob by Katsumi in the boner footage. Enjoy Strokers.  


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