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Title: Beautiful Girls 9  
Reviewer: Levon  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Beautiful Girls #9
139 Minutes
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Christoph Clark
THEMES: Multiple girl orgy

STARS: Vanessa Virgin, Polina, Sylvia, Lola, Justina, Janet, Kristina, Karina, Amanda, Karina, Linda, Leila, Natalia, Lena, Diana, Sindi, Judit, Bea, Mari Lee, Bianca, Melinda, Veronica Sinclair, Mery, Angelica

Reviewed by: Levon (mreviewer@hotmail.com)


There are tons of women in each scene so it's difficult to keep track of all the euro women, so my descriptions will be in general at best. After a quick camera intro we see around nine girls sitting around a table. They all show their tits and our host drops in and presents his dick to be sucked. He goes through all the girls getting some average oral from all the girls. All the girls lean over and present their asses to be eaten and finger fucked. The fucking begins with our host and four of the girls. We get a nice RCGs, cowgirl, lifted mish, doggie, mish, spoon, a nice cowgirl with one sitting on his face, one of the girls DP'ing herself with four fingers in her ass and pussy, and anal doggie.

With no cumshot our host moves on to five more girls and they go through most positions with lots of RCG. The scene narrows down to a single blonde getting fucked anal doggie and anal RCG.

Another cut and we are outdoors with eight more girls all in doggie showing off their asses. Our host goes and fucks two of them then lets each one suck his dick. The scene ends with the guy jerking off and cumming on one of the girls face and open mouth.

We get a one on one shot with a pretty brunette with a natural rack and tight body. After looking her over and stripping down she plays with herself till her parolee shows up. Her oral is average keeping very shallow and using lots of hand work. Three more guys show up and they get down to business. After sucking all the guys she gets fucked spoon, RCG, cowgirl, doggie, more spoon, anal spoon, anal doggie, multiple cowgirl DPs, multiple RCG DPs, anal doggie, more RCG DPs, anal mish, a mish DAP, multiple cowgirl DAPs, spoon DP, anal mish, and finally anal doggie. The scene ends with all the guys jerking off and cumming on her face and open mouth.

The next scene has a guy strolling around outdoor and meeting two girls. They bring him back and he gets presented with fourteen girls. He picks a cute blonde with a natural rack and she gives some average oral to our guy. They fuck in a standing doggie and spoon, then leaves. He walks out and picks two girls for some double oral, doggie, RCG, doggie with the girls in a 69, and mish. He goes back out and we have three the girls bent over on the couch ready for examination. There is more fucking cowgirl, spoon, RCG, doggie, and mish. He cycles through four more new girls and picks one blonde for mish, cowgirl, and spoon. A new girl rotates in and gives some average head and gets fucked anal doggie, standing anal doggie, anal RCG, anal cowgirl, anal piledriver, and more anal doggie. He's back outside for a new crop of women and gets in some oral and a quick mish before all the girls are back out. A few of the girls give him some oral and he jerks off on five of them.

Bonus materials include a fetish menu and 21 minutes of extra footage with Christoph and the third guy fucking all the girls.

Overall this DVD is tuff to watch because there are too many women! The action is always interrupted and if you have a favorite, you won't get to see her in more than 5 minutes of work. Most of the euro talent is good enough eye candy and I prefer this reverse gangbang to the traditional, but the lack of continuity hurts this movie.


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