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Title: Un-Natural Sex 14  
Reviewer: Kid Cocky  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Un-Natural Sex #14

Kid Cocky-

Time- 151 minutes
Company- Diabolic
Director- Chico Wang
Cast- Missy Monroe, Janet Alfano, Trina Michaels, Tiffany Holiday, Kelly Wells, Lyla Lei

When my main man Roger T. Pipe told me that he had a very special DVD on its way for me, I knew I was in for something good. I am absolutely convinced that when Roger Pipe says that a DVD is going to be interesting, then you can count on it. This man knows porn. He knows porn like the back of his hand. In fact the back of his hand has a lot to do with his knowledge of porn.

So I looked up the term "Unnatural Sex." This is what I got: "Unnatural sex is the term of disapproval originating in medieval theology and denoting behaviors that are "contra naturam", i.e. against the will of God as revealed in nature. This belief in divine revelation through nature itself is also known as the doctrine of Natural Law."

Well, I guess if any DVD represents Un-Natural sex, it would be this DVD. First off, every single girl performs double anal. Let me say that again. EVERY GIRL PERFORMS DOUBLE ANAL. The amazing part of this is revealed behind the scenes. Although a few of the girls are nervous about it, they all seem pretty upbeat about the fact that they are going to be double poked. It isn't like they are upset that their sphincters are going to be stretched beyond their natural limits, they are pretty much looking forward to the experience. One girl even requests that she gets rewarded with double vaginal penetration. This isn't because she is told to say that for the camera. This is because she says that she is genuinely into double vaginal and she thinks that it will be fun. Now I have known a few girls who like double vag, but they are usually overweight mothers. These girls are good looking super-skanks who love having their holes filled for money.

Going on with the Un-Natural part: The girls don't do the usual progression from vaginal, then anal, then DP, then double anal penetration. They start off with the double meat. In fact, their pussies don't get much solo action at all. One of the bitches STARTS with double anal. That means she goes strait from the makeup chair to having 2 cocks in her asshole. Amazingly, she and all of the other girls do double anal without so much as a whimper. Missy, who takes more cum than my special toilet, didn't seem to show any signs of fatigue except a completely destroyed asshole. The poor thing looked like a train wreck. As she jumped off the two cocks, she went in for an ass to mouth. As she turned around to swallow the cock, she muttered to herself as she paused, "I don't think I'll be able to walk again." Other than that though, none of the girls showed the slightest problem.

Speaking of unnatural sex, both Lyla Lei and Tiffany Holiday have some serious mental problems. Behind the scenes, Tiffany can't stop talking about her molestation as a child. Lyla, as she has in several other of her porn videos, talks about how she fools around with animals. In the case of Lyla, I could believe that she only says it because it draws attention. Of course, nothing surprises me when it comes to people's sexual interests. Tiffany however definitely needs some counseling. They incorporate her molestation into the scene. It doesn't interest me. I just hope that she can heal mentally.

All-in-all this was a great movie. The sex was incredible. It is a must watch.

Happy Humpin',
Kid Cocky
"I got more meat that a butcher."


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