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Title: Nasty Little Stripper Girls  
Reviewer: Nick Night  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C-
A/V Quality: B


Nasty Little Stripper Girls
114 Minutes
Baby Doll Pictures
DIRECTOR: Rick Davis
THEMES: Dancers,
STARS: Teanna Kai, Sue Diamond, Lezley Zen, Lee, Haley, Diamond Fox, Brandy Nicole, John West, Trevor Zen and Magnum


3 boy/girl and 3 girl/girl scenes starring sexy strippers and featuring the luscious Teanna Tai.

Scene 1: Haley and John West

Haley (Skinny redhead) dances and then gets on a black couch with John West. He eats her, she blows him. His dick is too big for her mouth and she stares into the camera. They do reverse cowgirl and then cowgirl. (If my description of the action seems dry, it is because the scene is boring.) Doggy, mish, facial, yawn.

Scene 2: Teanna Kai and Lezley Zen

They dance together and then fuck on stage. Both are hot so they are even hotter together. Lezley goes down first with Teanna acting like the star of the movie. The light form under the stage is only slightly annoying and it doesn't get in the way too much. Teanna fucks Lezley with a dildo. She talks dirty, licks it clean and turns the plastic on her gorgeous Asian co-star.

Scene 3: Teanna Kai and Lee

Same as the last scene, but with an even sexier co-star. They find a pink couch to get comfortable on. Teanna puts her fingers inside of Lee and makes her scream like a bitch in heat. The girls switch places, Teanna leans back like a queen and has the blonde eat her like a fortune cookie. They use a toy for a bit before they finish off with some pussy to pussy rubbing that looks outstanding.

Scene 4: Diamond Fox and Trevor Zen

Diamond looks like a stripper. She is tall, blonde and has a big set of bolt-ons. After her dance is over she joins Trevor Zen for a blowjob. Diamond looks kind of old and she is more than a little bit mechanical. She likes to suck his dick in between every position, but doesn't have much to offer. I am starting to think that the only scenes worth watching are Teanna's lesbian scenes.

Scene 5: Teanna Kai and Sue Diamond

All of the girls who work with Teanna are good looking and Sue is really gorgeous. They actually fuck in a bed so the scene is very comfortable. The girls like each other so they don't need any toys for a long time. Sue does fuck Teanna with a dildo in doggy and lets her suck it clean before they continue. Teanna holds a dildo between her legs and pretends to fuck her partner. I guess they couldn't afford a strap-on.

Scene 6: Haley and Magnum

Haley never leaves the club for her scene. She gets off stage, finds a cute customer and starts blowing him. That's what I call a lap dance. He puts her up on the table and keeps fucking her. This is the only good boy/girl scene in the movie and Haley is a girl everyone is going to enjoy. She looks really good on top and shows off her dancer's moves while riding her way to a facial cumshot.

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