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Title: One on One 4  
Reviewer: Kid Cocky  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


One on One #4

Kid Cocky-

Time- 2:19 minutes
Company- Red Light
Director- Robbie Fischer
Cast- Bobbi Eden, Australian Cathy Oz, Christie, Dani Woodward, Sassy, Brittany Star, and Tracy Kelly

I have to admit, One on One sex is fun, but I prefer 8 on 1, or 6 on 2, or even 16 on 7. However, I am sure there is a large market that prefers to see strait male female sex. They don't want to see orgies and threesomes, so this movie is just right for them.

Bobbi Eden is from the Hague. She's a cute blonde. The kind that you expect to see in Amsterdam. She performs a little oral, before she moves into some sweet doggie style. She comments on how she likes to be "fucked like a dog," and her cute accent could make any cock hard. She continues with her dirty comments as the male lead plows her pussy in several positions. Pretty soon they move to reverse cowgirl. They start off in the pussy, but soon transition to Bobbi's Rectum. Bobbi has great legs, a tight stomach, and a good golden tan. The guy pulls strait from her ass and shoots his load all over her pretty face. She sucks his cock a little and we get to see her tongue ring at work. Excellent.

Some of the other scenes lack the flare of this scene. In fact, some of them come across as average "married people" sex. Cathy Oz is only moderately attractive, but Dani Woodward is very attractive. Tracy is interesting because she keeps gum in her mouth for the entire scene. I am guessing that by the end that it must taste like the cock that she spends equal time chewing on. Tracy only takes it vaginally and orally, but she's cute enough to make the scene enjoyable. Christie is by far the most sincere girl in the movie. She's only 18, she's from Canada, and you can tell she is still just doing it for the sex. She has the cutest voice, and she has amazing eyes. Of course, after a couple double anals she'll lose that cuteness and love for the sex. So we better enjoy her while we can.

I personally enjoyed Sassy's scene. I think it was likely because of her unique stature. Sassy must weigh less than 90 pounds. Although her blonde wig is a little annoying, she does a great job getting anally rogered by a big dick. This is especially interesting because she is such a small girl. The only problem is that she hardly makes sense in her interview. I am guessing that she is stoned out of her gord. Either that or she is just dumb. Both may apply.

Another interesting girl is Dani. She takes her name from Woodward avenue in Detroit, which is her home. She talks about her high school, where her family works, and what year she graduated. Honestly, she probably gives away too much info about her real self... but I kind of find that hot. Anyway, she is an amazing beauty, and I would love the opportunity to introduce her to my huge cock. She's funny when she says she likes it rough, then she looks at her cocksman and mouths to him that she doesn't want it too rough. You have to see it, but it is cute. He, by the way, has a very thick cock, and almost tears her cunt in half.

All in all this is a good movie. There are a few dull parts, but the girls are beautiful, the lighting is good, and the sex is fun. As for additional features, there is some good bonus footage of a big titted babe named Brittany Star giving an amazing blowjob. It is truly inspirational. I would pay to see her in another scene. She sucks cock in amazing fashion.

Happy Humpin',
Kid Cocky
"Well fuck her in the goat ass!"


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