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Title: O-Ring Blowout  
Reviewer: Canada Mike  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: n/a
A/V Quality: B


O Ring Blow Out


70 Mins.

Red Light Districts

DIRECTOR: Tim Von Swine

THEMES: Anal, BJ's

CONDOMS: None Noted

January 2005

STARS: Kat Tiffany Hopkins
Michael Stefano Jasmine Byrne
Randy Spears Saana
Steve Holmes Keri Sable
Erik Everhard Devin Valencia

Reviewed by:


When future anthropologists analyze this DVD , they would guess that all females in our era give BJ's and take it in the ass and swallow. This first scene includes an exotic KAT who gives and takes like a voracious muskrat. Her exposed teeth are buried in stainless steel braces that allowed me to shudder each time she inhaled a stiff cock. Wondering what other damage she can do, distracted me from her modest tits and shaved pussy. There is DP with ass to mouth action and her chute gets dual attention from the two studs attending her. Enthusiasm is projected by all and positions are
varied with KAT being suspended like the Golden Gate Bridge and all her
orifices filled. She is used as a receptacle for the last scene allowing
the audience to witness the cum swallowing and direction to take every drop.

Scene two introduces Tiffany Hopkins from Paris, sporting smallish tits with a
trimmed pussy having her chute expertly entered by R. Spears. She takes
Randy's cock from her ass and works it like a French baguette while
fingering herself. When sitting on his cock, she could be the French Maid
fantasy with eyes you could drown in. Being impaled in the pile driver
position, her shrieks encourage the final man jelly facial with a last
demure peek at her pink pucker.

Scene three projects Jasmine Byrne into a bitch ass slapping by two studs
and they penetrate her ass cavern with nary a fair do well, getting right
to business. While inhaling cock, the encouraging moans drives a sustained
pounding to her chute without taking a break. She plays for the camera a
lot and the sparse close ups are adequate. With all that ass reaming , she
has time to mention how she enjoys herself and then demands attention as
thetwin cocks are emptied in her throat. The final tribute is given by the
director to Jasmine as a ".... world class slut" as she proceeds to
swallow the savories.

Scene five introduces Keri Sable , a wispy bottle blonde so thin , she has to dance around in a shower to get wet. Her average tits appear au natural with a shaven snatch that invites entry. She proceeds to give BJ's to prime the pumps for some chute probing. Keeping track of her orifices was a challenge since the two studs flipped her over and over like a pancake at the county fair.

Doggy style introduced her gaping chute and the twin dicks did justice to her snatch, bung hole and mouth then moving to the couch for some sideways action. Finger teasing continues and a dick is seen probing her pink pussy, the reverse cowgirl lets Keri tease her pussy with those bony fingers of hers. DP is quickly established with the twin dicks. There is no idle moment as BJ's are expertly given by Keri who is then hung between the boys like a southern ham and while standing receives both cocks, while her ass juices drip on the floor.
The piledriver ends this scene with her gaping chute and pink pussy lips flapping like bat wings, ensuing so many multiple insertions, I lost count. Regaining her balance, this admitted Vegan , kneels before the twin dicks and accepts both cream loads in her throat and collect the remnants with her fingers licking them clean. A final peek at her abused bung hole ends the scene.

There is nothing special offered as extras except "Boner Footage " of a newbie called Devin Valencia who is chosen to give the camera guy a BJ and a quick titty fuck between her ample jugs. His immediate ejaculate targets her throat and splatters half the room, with no apologies offered except he hopes his discharge didn't taste bad.
"Behind The Scenes" exhibits Kari Sable acting as photo model and demonstrating her luggage packing skills. Having "O Ring Blow Out" explained to her is worth the price of admission, watching her confused face and brain activity grasp the DVD's Title meaning. Jasmine Byrne is reintroduced and proceeds to lick and savor some dudes naked hairy ass hole, congenial to the end.

The "Photo Gallery" containing too few stills of the production and "Web Access" complete this DVD Menu.

My praise includes the enthusiasm of the cast and camera work to document the ever changing action without getting vertigo. Variety was given in too small servings , but did maintain interest through the repeated activities. Do not expect high production values, the eye candy was a well used couch and bed. Lighting was adequate with the sound uniform. Distractions were minimal except for the lengthy "interview" at the beginning of each scene, which has become the industry standard by default. In this production , what you see is what you get, an honest days wank.


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