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Title: Lusty Legs 2  
Reviewer: Arnon  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Lusty Legs 2
137 Minutes
Red Light District
DIRECTOR: Tony Ribas
THEMES: Euro girls, DP's
STARS: Tina, Diana, Liz Honey, Judy White, Cindy Lords, Lara Stevens, Kathy Blanche, Angelina Crow, Victoria Swinger

Reviewed by: Levon (mreviewer@hotmail.com)


Judy White is an average looking blonde with a very nice natural rack and decent body. She has some thigh high stockings on and gets eat out for a minute or two by our parolee. They fuck mish, RCG, and doggie then another guy steps in. They continue to fuck with anal doggie, a fierce anal cowgirl, cowgirl DP, anal RCG, RCG DP, and more anal doggie. The scene ends with one guy jerking off and Judy jerking the other till they cum on her face and open mouth.

Two girls are in the next scene, Kathy Blanche and Angelina Crow. Kathy is another euro blonde with a natural rack and decent body, while Angelina is a skinny brunette with a small natural rack. There is some foot worship action in the beginning and some foot fucking. Kathy's oral is average and short as she hops on for a RCG and doggie fuck and Angelina goes doggie and RCG as well. Angelina moves to mish and cowgirl and anal cowgirl as Kathy gets finger fucked to a squirt. Kathy gets more RCG, a standing anal doggie, and anal cowgirl, as Angelina get anal piledrived. The girls switch partners and its Kathy going spoon and cowgirl and Angelina mish and anal mish. Angelina gets a short suspended DP, cowgirl, cowgirl DP, and RCG DP. The scene ends with Kathy blowing and jerking off one guy till he cums in her mouth and chin and the other guy jerking off cumming on Angelina's face and open mouth. Both girls give some nice post cum head. The heat is excellent in this scene.

Victoria and Liz are both nice euro blondes in this next scene. Both oral techniques are average at best with Liz's getting better marks with some good deepthroat attempts. Victoria gets a short doggie then RCG as Liz hops on for her own cowgirl, doggie, and anal doggie. Victoria goes the anal route as well in an anal mish, anal spoon, and anal piledriver. Victoria remains the focus as they go through a cowgirl DP and anal cowgirl, with Liz going anal RCG, RCG DP, and cowgirl DP. The scene ends with one guy fucking Victoria anal doggie and cumming internally and jerking off on Liz's face as she waits underneath. Our other parolee does the same as he cums partially in Victoria's ass and Liz's face.

Diana and Lara Stevens are thrown in as a nice change of pace since Diana has a short cropped red haircut and Lana Stevens is a long haired brunette. They walk up to their parolees we get some energetic oral from Lara and Diana hopping on for a cowgirl and spoon fuck. Lara eventually joins in the fucking with a RCG and spoon of her own. The group shifts around and we get Lara in an anal doggie, anal spoon, and anal cowgirl with Diana going cowgirl, RCG, and spoon. Lara gets a cowgirl DP, anal RCG, and a RCG DP. The scene ends with both guys jerking off on Lara's ass and pussy.

Cindy Lords is the last girl and she is a nice looking brunette with a good body and natural rack. She poses for a bit and is joined by her two parolees. Cindy's oral skills are decent as she gets face fucked, shows ok no hands work, but only works the top 1/3 of each guy. Cindy goes through a standing doggie, RCG, spoon, anal spoon, standing anal doggie, anal RCG, RCG DP, cowgirl, cowgirl DP, and multiple cowgirl double pussy penetrations. The scene ends with one guy jerking off and missing Cindy's face and open mouth and the other parolee jerking off and hitting the mark.

Bonus materials include a 23 minute behind the scenes and Boner footage with Tina in a 1st person POV and a very good but short 1st person POV scene with Lara.

Overall this is a good DVD. The best eye candy will be Cindy and Lara with the other euro talent looking good. I'm not too sure why they would call this Lusty Legs because there isn't much focus on legs or crazy looking stripper shoes. If you like euro titles you'll want to rent this DVD and there is enough heat and eye candy for the rest of us to give this one a try.  


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