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Title: Double Anal Climax  
Reviewer: Arnon  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: C+
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C-
A/V Quality: C+


Double Anal Climax
137 Minutes
Devil's Films
DIRECTOR: Tristan Segal
THEMES: Double Anals
STARS: Janet Alfano, Julie Silver, Sara O'neil, Sarah, Bibi Fox
Reviewed by: Levon (mreviewer@hotmail.com)


The first scene is setup in a jail with an unnamed girl with black hair, tight body, and a natural rack. She fucks herself with a double headed dildo till the paroles wake up. Her oral is slow, but she takes each guy down to the base with no problems at all. She gets fucked mish, doggie, anal doggie, anal mish in a sex swing, cowgirl, a long cowgirl DP, and cowgirl DAP. The scene ends with the guys jerking off till they cum on her face and open mouth.

Next is a cute blonde giving herself a DP with a double headed dildo. Her parolees jump right in and help her out as she blows one of the guys. Her oral is weak keeping fairly shallow. They switch quickly to mish, anal spoon, anal cowgirl and cowgirl, cowgirl DP, RCG DP, cowgirl DAP, RCG DAP, anal doggie, and mish. The scene ends with one guy pulling out and jerking off on her pussy and the other jerking off mostly on himself.

Our next nameless girl is an average looking blonde with a nice natural rack and decent body. She is fucking her ass with the same double headed dildo till her guys show up. Her oral shows good energy and she works the full length of each guy as they face fuck her. They waste little time and go to a cowgirl DP, cowgirl with the dildo in her ass, RCG DP, anal RCG with some serious gape shots, mish, anal mish, anal doggie, RCG DAP, cowgirl DAP, and anal spoon from each guy. The scene ends with both guys jerking off on her face and open mouth.

The next girl is the cover girl, a cute brunette with a natural rack and nice body. She fucks her pussy and ass with a glass dildo till her stunt cocks show up. Her oral is decent showing nice eye contact, good energy, some deepthroat attempts and gets about half of each guy down her throat. She gets fucked mish, RCG, cowgirl DP, RCG DP, and RCG DAP. The scene ends with one guy jerking off on her belly and pussy and the other guy gets jerked off and fires a stray shot into the camera lens.

Our last girl is an average looking blonde with a natural rack. She fucks herself with a clear butt plug and leaves it in her ass as she blows her two guys. Her oral is average showing decent energy, some handwork, and taking about half of the dicks down her throat. She gets fucked doggie, cowgirl, anal RCG, RCG DP and DAP, cowgirl DAP and DP. The scene ends with our gal jerking off one of the guys to her face and open mouth and the other guy jerking off on her face.

Overall this is an average Euro title. None of the girls are outstanding, but all take the double anal with no problems. The cover girl will be your best eye candy and if anal sex is your deal, definitely rent this title. Others no so turned on by anal will have to avoid this.  


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