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Title: Bi-Nurse Therapy  
Reviewer: Danny Boy  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: n/a
A/V Quality: B


Bi-Nurse Therapy
103 Mins.
US Male
THEMES: Nurses
CONDOMS: Condoms Used
STARS: Rocky Summers, Oliver Smile, Lucas Lucky, Stanley Kovacs, Andrew Matyasz, Ion Man, Ruddy Holubec, Tereza Walker, Kristin Linhart, Lucy Bialek and Caroline Brei.


A lot of the guys in this movie were in the last US Male title I reviewed. I liked them as military studs so I imagine they will be just as soothing as doctors and nurses. Since we have no way to tell who is who, I guess it really doesn't matter if they are re-peters or not. As long as we get to watch a bunch of hot European guys fuck each other does it really matter names they use? As long as know how to make our temperature rise they can call themselves Dr. Feelgood for all I care.

Scene 1: Brunette Nurse & 2 Studly Boys

The guys are in a clinic of some sorts for penile enlargement surgery...or something like that. She assures them that they don't need surgery and that size is not as important as what you do with it. That is just an excuse for her to suck some dick. From what I can see, the pretty blonde boy knows what to do with a dick of any size. He and the nurse share the other guy's meat, paying special attention to his freshly-shaved balls. Blondie is less in need of any enhancement than his friend so if size matters to you then you know who to choose. The darker haired boy dishes it out to both partners. He takes the girl from behind and then tops the blonde boy in the same position. The girl gets left out as the boys fuck like bunnies, but when it is time to spew, the nurse is in position to take it on her little butt.

Scene 2: Male Nurse & Couple

An attractive couple comes into the clinic and gets some help from a yummy looking guy. He shows them a good lube and a dildo that should help them with their problem. (Whatever that is.) She starts sucking him off and the nurse decides that a cock this yummy shouldn't be for girls only. He feels her up from behind and guides her through the blowjob, preparing her for what she is about to do to his own pole. One look at his beautiful big cock and this couple may have more problems than when they came in. That perfectly incredible tool is more than she can handle, but her man can handle almost all of it. The nurse shows them both how it's done, working over the guy's smaller cock in a way that puts his girl to shame. It looks like he has taken control of the couple because he has the boy eating his ass while he licks her pussy. The boys trade places, but our well-hung nurse is the one doing the screwing. First he nails the girls, putting a smile on her face before giving it hard to her man. It seems he has figured out their problem. They just need a big cock in their relationship. I think he likes it more than she does though. Both boys like it enough to get off. First the bottom strokes his load onto the floor and then the nurse creams his tight little butt.

Scene 3: Female Nurse & Guy

I have no clue what the set up is on this one. The guy gets up on the table on all fours and lets her play with his ass. She focuses on his big uncut slab of meat. This guy is balding up top, but is throbbing between his legs, getting big and stiff for this attractive girl. She does a very nice job of sucking and stroking him until he busts his load all over her breasts. What, no guy? Is this a straight porn? Not quite. He gets back on all-fours and gets fingered by the eager nurse. A butt plug is next and it fits nicely though his cock stays limp while she stuffs it up there. She finishes the therapy session by screwing him slowly with a nice big plastic prick.

Scene 4: Couple & Male Nurse

This time the couple comes looking for help with the guy's erection. He gives them some pills and then puts the wife to work getting him up. After watching her style for a bit, the nurse has some tips for the wife. Her buff hubby seems to enjoy having a new mouth on his cock and she could learn a lot from watching this guy. Hubby doesn't seem to keen on sucking dick and is much more at home screwing his bride from behind. The nurse waits his turn, but then the guy can barely get half hard for his ass. This guy really doesn't belong in a scene like this no matter how good he looks. Both of them have big loads though and give them to the wife, decorating her chest with cream.

Most of the scenes in this movie are really good. Sorry I don't know any of the names. The nurses at this clinic know how to help people with their sexual problems. All anyone needs is a little bi-action to keep things fresh. I think I want to work at this place so I can work with a bunch of hot young couples.   


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