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Title: Bi-Recruits  
Reviewer: Danny Boy  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: B
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


88 Mins.
US Male
DIRECTOR: Alan Pelikan
THEMES: Military, Bi-Sex
CONDOMS: Condoms Used

STARS: Rocky Summers, Jerry Zikes, Felippe Hrabik, Vilem Walker, Lucky Lucas, Van Ockai, Lucy Bialek. Milene Lazan, Adeline Wimmer, Susy Sevcenko


The military is looking for a few good men and aren't we all? The guys and girls in this movie take don't ask/don't tell to heart. No one asks if they prefer girls or guys and they don't have to tell anyone that they are equally into both. Why choose when you don't have to?

Scene 1: Suzy, Jerry & Vilem

Two brunette guys walk off with a pretty blonde girl and do some country lovin'. She is the first to get dick in her mouth, but Jerry is not about to let the girl do all of the sucking. Susy tries to suck them both at once, but she has to wait her turn as the boys exchange hand jobs. Jerry has a big yummy dick that goes from Susy's pussy right into Vilem's butt hole. The pretty boy takes it really well, but his dick just lies there limp as a noodle as he gets pounded by Jerry's beautiful schlong. Something gets him up though because both boys jerk off all over their pretty little girlfriend.

Scene 2: Milena, Rocky &

Rocky is an aggressive blond boy who pins Milena against the wall as soon as she walks through the door. She responds to his direct nature by kneeling in front of this gorgeous dude and sucking on his thick cock. No condoms this time as he bends her over and fucks her with that gorgeous piece of meat. One good turn deserves another so after he cums all over her, Milena straps on a dick and does Rocky from behind. His hairless ass takes that plastic prick perfectly.

Scene 3: Lukas, Adela & Rocky

Rocky is back for more and this time gets it on with Lukas and Adela. Lukas goes right after Rocky's dick and takes care of it like a seasoned vet. Adela is a pretty girl, but she is left out as the boys exchange blowjobs and seem perfectly willing to skip the girl and just do each other. They let her get between them so that she can feel one dick in her twat and the other down her throat. The boys keep her quite entertained before giving each other what they really want. Rocky took it well in the last scene, so this time he gets to give it. Lukas gets his ass fucked hard by that big cock.

Scene 4: Phillip, Vojtech & Lucie

The two husky men are working in the kitchen when Lucie walks in on them. She likes both men and offers her body to them. Phillip and Lucie share the other boy's dick, battling for his attention. He seems to enjoy both mouths and who wouldn't? Vojtech also sucks dick as he helps prepare his buddy to fuck the pretty girl. Phillp gets off in Vojtech's lap, bouncing up and down and flopping his big dick around. They don't even need the girl at this point, but do take a moment to cream all over her breasts.

This movie appears to be made in Europe based on the thick accents and lack of dialog. All of the guys are good looking and most of them seem to be quite into the boy on boy action. The girls aren't bad either. I like the uniform thing a lot and there isn't enough of that but the rest of the movie is top notch.   


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