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Title: Nacho's Trans XXL  
Reviewer: Danny Boy  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Nacho Vidal's Trans XXL
131 Mins.
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Nacho Vidal
THEMES: Transsexuals
STARS: Rebecca, Alexia Freiri, Rafaela Sanchez, Gisella, Laisa, Hellen Santos, Maryoye Ramos, Milena, Nacho Vidal, Paulo, Gustavo,


Nacho is by far the hottest guy doing TS movies and I am probably not the only one looking forward to the day when he throws a little boy on boy action into his work. I only wish the rest of the guys he used we half as yummy as he is. Instead he uses a lot of boys who love being knocked around by the trannies and that's hot in a submissive kind of way. I can dig that.

Scene 1: Maryoye Ramos, Milena and Gustavo

Gustavo gets yanked out of the pool by Maryoe who is very many even in her white bikini. She makes him lick her ass and brings in Milena to play with her bitch-boy. He is collard by the new girl who slips a rubber covered cock up his ass. Gustavo is a good cock sucker when he isn't distracted by the penis rammed in his butt. Even without her condom, Milena struggles to get hard when she isn't fucking him. Milena switches to bottom, letting Gustavo fuck her while she sucks on Maroye for a while. Even the dom-queen gets buggered by her boy-toy. The girls masturbate onto themselves before Gustavo squirts all over Milena.

Scene 2: Rebecca, Alexia Freire and Nacho Vidal

Nacho honors two pretty people with his love muscle. Rebecca and Alexia have big Brazilian butts and look pretty feminine. Rebecca is the black-haired real girl and she is very good with her mouth. Alexia is actually prettier and has a beautiful raging hard-on. Rebecca is a lucky girl who gets to suck trannie dick and Nacho's cock at the same time. Nacho fucks her pussy from behind while she keeps sucking. It becomes a real party for Rebecca when Alexia and Nacho take turns with her in the middle of the bed. The trannie/real girl fucking is pretty damn hot, but no one can fuck like Nacho. He spurts all over Rebecca and then Alexia follows suit. We get everyting from this scene except for Nacho sucking some hot trannie dick.

Scene 3: Giselle Mazrila and Gustavo

Gustavo has a thing for trannies in tiny bikinis I guess. Giselle has a perky titties and a nice butt. She also has a mouth-watering slab of meat for Gustavo to suck. She grabs him by the hair and tosses his head around while he bathes her cock and balls with his tongue. This boy knows his way around a sack, damn. Giselle is a full-service TS, happily gobbling Gustavo's thick knob. Getting fucked in the ass makes Gustavo's dick wilt quickly, but works it back up by jerking off as she bends him over and treats him like a little girl. He rolls over and jerks himself off when she fucks him hard enough.

Scene 4: Rafaela Sances and Paulo Machy

Rafaela makes Paulo lick her ass while he strokes his cock. He gets to suck her cock, but doesn't do a very good job. She switches places and shows him how it's done. Paulo doesn't get too comfortable though. He is bent over and fucked hard by the high-heeled he-she. She scratches his back and shows him his place in the world. They jerk off together, shooing all over themselves.

Scene 5: Laisa Lins, Judy Mastronelli and Nacho Vidal

Judy has big boobs and a big butt to match. Nacho really likes her so we know right away that Judy is the "real girl." He licks her ass and fingers her pussy. With Laisa watching, she sucks his delicious cock. Doing her best, she goes from Nacho to Laisa and back, sucking hard and taking it fairly deep. They put the real girl between them and she gets to be fucked by Nacho while sucking trannie dick. Laisa looks beautiful, but her dick is not nearly as big or hard as Nachos. That allows Judy to make it vanish easily. She is a very sexy girl who likes fucking both of them. Nacho Laisa wants to prove that shemales can fuck almost as hard as Nacho can by pumping her ass. They give Judy a lot of cum all over her big butt.


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