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Title: New Whores  
Reviewer: Kid Cocky  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


New Whores

Reviewer- Kid Cocky

Time-140 Minutes
Company- New Sensations
Cast- Katin, Railee Dean, Genesis Skye, Allie Sin, Ravin


Well, it looks like the new 2005 models are in early this year. They cum equipped with dual airbags, and a new compact trunk for you to stick your junk in. Great handling and a cherry exterior make these new models the ones for you. Zero to 69 in under 6 seconds flat, high revving engines, redesigned rear end with an easy access backdoor, sleek new lines, perky chassis, pink interior, and plenty of room for the whole family to stretch out in and enjoy. I suggest that you rent one today. Buying one just isn't an option.

Scene one stars new whore Railee. She arrives fresh off the bus with Genesis. Both girls claim to be new to video, but they have both done porn before. They are both very cute, in an everyday girl way, and they get picked up by a dude with a sign that says, "New Whores." It's kind of fun to see them in public. I think this gives a voyeurism feel. The girls are taken back to Hollywood where they get put into makeup. By the time they are done, these girls really do look like whores. From jeans and t-shirts, they go to sexy underwear. From strait hair, it is all curled up. And the makeup makes them look 5 years older. It is an amazing process. Unfortunately, the girls split up and do separate scenes. I would have preferred to see them in a 4-some.

While Railee gives a Blowjob, she comments on how much better sex is when you are getting paid for it. She does cowgirl, missionary, and spoon before doggie style and then getting to anal. The girl has no tits, a moderate face, and ugly whore clothes. She doesn't seem to enjoy the anal, but I love her quote, "It tastes much better when you are paid for it." I like her tongue ring, and she swallows the load like a pro.

Katin is great. She talks about how her Daddy was such an asshole. She comments that he never thought she would amount to much, but now she is going to get fucked for $500. I guess she is really proving him wrong now. She comes to the studio with cute little freckles and a teen face, and she leaves with whore makeup and a face full of jizz. Her outfit is perfect for her. It closes around her waist, and that covers up her belly, but it opens around her tits and show off her large real melons. She does a great job with a double blowjob, talking to the camera, spitting all over, and generally making a very energetic scene. The guys face fuck her to deep throat, and she strokes the hell out of their cocks. Within a matter of seconds one dude has 4 fingers in her ass, and the he goes strait to anal. There no warm-up for this sweet whore. She keeps the other guy entertained by talking dirty, and licking his balls and shaft. The anal assault continues as both dudes take turns in her ass. Both have no problems going balls deep. "Hurry up and DP me, you are wasting time." She states. Then, with cocks in her holes, she exclaims, "Is it my birthday or something." She must have gone to the Kami Andrews School of dirty talk. The guys take pleasure in making her taste her ass, and she deep throats them even better than before. After a double facial and swallowing, she ends the scene saying, "Look at me now daddy, I am a new whore."

I think that line sums up the DVD. Its fun and entertaining. The girls are decent looking, and they have fresh faces. There's plenty of anal, and gaping is plentiful in this whorefest.

Kid Cocky
"Balls Deep in Your Momma's Sleep"


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