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Title: Rocco's True Anal Stories 4  
Reviewer: Stroker  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Rocco's True Anal Stories #4


136 Mins.

Evil Empire

DIRECTOR: Rocco Siffredi



STARS: Mina, Mercedes Black, Julia Taylor, Yvette Stone, Patricia Orsolya, Vanda

Reviewed by: Stroker


Rocco's True Anal Stories #4

I'm not sure these are true stories, but they are pretty fun to stroke to. Rocco brings us four scenes of girls getting their Asses screwed; this is something that he has known how to do for years. This is a later release that has been re-released to DVD and features some nice European talent. These girls sure know how to let a man take advantage of their Asses.

The movie starts of with Mina taking on four cocks at once. The scene is setup as Mina playing the role of a ranch owner that is frustrated with her help. She starts things off by playing with herself in a barn, but the action heats up when she runs into cock. Mina looks great even if this is a few years ago and she doesn't hold back when there is dick around. She services all the guys with her oral skills, which are quite good. The boys then proceed to tear into all her holes. Plenty of anal and D.P. action for the hired help, hell even Mina sticks three fingers up her ass for pleasure. The boys than drop a bunch of nut all over Mina face and a stroker couldn't be happier. Good scene that features Mina's ass getting a good workout.

Mercedes Black and Yvette Stone are the next two girls that get to share their story of anal lust. Mercedes starts things off by taking on the big stick of Rocco, while Yvette takes care of another cock. Both girls are quite attractive and they know the finer points in pleasing a man with their ass. The boys take turns filling every hole of the girls up with cock. Good action that gets better when Mercedes head is in a toilet as her ass gets hammered. Mercedes seems to like getting the whore treatment from Rocco. Both girls get their customary facial from the boys and Mercedes gets her head stuffed in a toilet. Nice Touch!

Patricia and Vanda are two girls that come across two cocks to take care of them. The boys find the girls, while riding some four wheelers. Of course sex has to happen next and it does. Vanda real looks good and it's nice to see her handle cock in her fuckholes. The boys take turns working both girls over with their rods. The girls also have smoking bodies that helps us strokers stay busy. Both girls give up their Asses and Patricia seems to be struggling a little. However this doesn't stop her from getting her ass fucked. The girls share each fella's cum on their pretty European faces. Nice scene with some good action.

T.J. Hart and Julie Taylor finish the movie off by taking on an assortment of dick. Julie is pretty cute, but this stroker has always had a hard time watching T.J. Hart. She just doesn't do it for me, even if she does have her ass spread wide open. The girls start off giving a POV blowjob to Rocco and then move inside to take on four cocks. The action heats up inside with the girls giving everything they got. T.J. gets double penetrated, while Julia gets her ass fucked hard. The scene ends with a good amount of semen spraying each whore's face. Not bad even if I'm not a big T.J. Hart fan.

Overall this is a pretty solid movie for any stroker that likes hardcore sex. I've seen better by Rocco, but he does consistently deliver a strong product. I would prefer a little less setup in exchange for another scene, but it is still good enough to whack off to. Mina and Mercedes make sure of that.


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