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Title: Anal Retentive 4  
Reviewer: Arnon  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: C+
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Anal Retentive #4
MOVIE TYPE: All Sex, Gonzo
Digital Sin
DIRECTOR: Axel Braun
STARS: Isabel, Cytherea, Melissa Lauren, Lyla Lei, Katja Kassin, Cristina Agave

Reviewed by: Arnon

Let me start by saying that this is a beautifully shot movie. The backgrounds, film quality, and lighting are all spectacular. It's a shame that many softer movies don't shoot like this, or they might get more couples watching porn together. The only negatives about this movie are that one of the guys who's in 3 of the 5 scenes is not very good looking, and that there's no consistency. What I mean is that the first three scenes are all very good, but hardcore, almost gonzo like. The last two are your run of the mill girl/guy scenes with no gagging or anything. It's hard to reach your target market when you have two distinct categories in one movie. These couple things aside though, this was a pretty good movie.

The first scene involves Isabel and Cytherea, one blonde and one brunette, They're both ok looking, but nothing spectacular. Unfortunately the guy they're with, Mr. Pete, is horribly ugly. I guess ugly isn't the right word, but he kinda looks like Kid Rock, all gangly, with facial hair and white trashy looking. That doesn't stop the girls from really getting into the action though. Both of these girls are super hardcore gonzo chicks, getting into the gagging and spitting and every other nasty thing you can think of. They take turns blowing him and Cytherea even gives the dude a rim job while she's between his legs. When the fucking starts Cytherea takes it straight in the ass on her knees, while Isabel watches from behind and fingers her pussy for her. Isabel mounts Mr. Pete rcg, while Cytherea spits on her hand and helps with some clit rubbing. Now it's Cytherea's turn for rcg, but she pops it straight into her butt hole. Isabel takes another ride, this time with Cytherea kneeling right in front of her pussy, just in time for Izzy to squirt into Cytherea's waiting mouth, where she proceeds to lick it off her lips like it was fine wine. The squirting thing doesn't do much for me, but it was interesting to watch. Grand total she squirts 3 times during this part of the scene. Pretty impressive. Cytherea takes it in the ass again on her knees and then the girls share a facial and a sloppy kiss. Of note is the fact that Isabel doesn't take it up the ass at all in this scene, which is weird since it's an anal movie. But she makes up for it with the squirting.

Katja Kassin is a hot german chick, who starts off wearing a blue fishnet ensemble and takes on a ripped black dude. She starts off deep throating as much as she can of his mammoth cock then getting her ass eaten in preparation of things to come. They bust out some rcg, straight in the ass, no pussy fucking for this Euro girl. She makes some pretty loud grunting/screaming noises through the whole thing, but whether this is from pain or enjoyment I can't tell. The dude is big, and it must stretch her cute ass out quite a bit having him in her. They go through quite a few positions on their couch, including a standing/holding her up fuck until they drop onto the couch for her to ride him. He ends up unloading onto her face. Nothing too out of the ordinary here.

Melissa Lauren is super gorgeous. She looks like a cross between Christina Applegate on Married With Children and Christina Aguilera. Plus she has the sex drive of Belladonna. She's constantly screaming and spitting and gagging on the dick she's forcing down her throat. Plus she seems to be into getting choked by the guys while she's being fucked. Choking doesn't do much for me, I find it a bit too S & M for my style. Melissa takes on two guys in this scene, one being my favorite Mr. Pete. At least the other guy's good looking. It takes place in some tool shed, and you can be sure that she does seem to enjoy herself. However, it does follow the typical one girl/two guy formula I hate so much. She's either sucking two cocks, or being fucked by one while sucking the other. There is some dp, and it ends with her getting a double facial. As hot as this girl was, I found the scene a little disturbing. She ends up gagging so much on cock or being choked that she constantly has tears in her eyes and her face is flushed. I can only hope that she was actually enjoying herself.

Next up is Lyla Lei, a very hot Asian girl. The dude she gets it on with is the same guy I've seen in another movie which I can't remember. He looks like the Arabian figher from the Mummy movies, which makes him kinda creepy. He has this huge bushy ponytail and a big jaw. She starts by giving him a decent blowjob on his very good sized dick, then mounts him and it goes straight into her cunt. He flips her onto her back and after lubing up her asshole plunges his cock in. She must be fairly inexperienced because he can't fit much of himself in her (though he is huge) and she grunts in mild pain most of the time. And here's something I've never seen before. After a couple more positions of anal, he gets her on her back again and wraps her panties around his dick. He then proceeds to fuck her pussy, then pulls the panties off and shoves them in her mouth. Interesting. They finish up with a facial.

Last up is Cristina Agave, who's with my buddy Mr. Pete. She's a good-looking, almost hot brunette from San Fernando Valley and has a nice little body, complete with some small but pert tits. They start with a blowjob and some mounting vaginal sex, followed by doggy style up the ass. They go through a couple more positions and then he paints her face. Nothing too exciting in this scene, and Cristina seemed very tame compared to the other girls. This was a decent movie which was shot very good. It would've been nice if they had been consistent with how hardcore it was, but I still think it's enjoyable if you don't mind Sr. Pete.

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