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Title: T Girl Fantasies  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


Tgirl Fantasies


108 Mins.

Bob's Tgirls

DIRECTOR: Bob and Richie Zaye

THEMES: She-males, threesomes, Brazilians




Reviewed by: Mars


From the view of a she-male enthusiast it's good to see Bob's tgirls branch into DVD. The website has been consistent with the high quality of its transsexual models. And seeing some of the best on video is a fine thing, especially since all of them on this title, Tgirl Fantasies, are good performers. Not only that, they're all knock outs with functional cocks. So each of them has just about everything you could want from a tranny.
To keep things clear I'll use hir and s/he as pronouns for the she-males.
The first scene has Obsession, a real girl, paired with Chance, a real boy, and Vo D'balm. Vo's a TS with nice tits and a big stick. This movie was filmed when hir body was at its most slender and taut. (She's since gotten very curvy...in a good way). Vo's also not afraid to screw and s/he does an admiral job on both hir partners. Obsession, however, seems to be the centerpiece of the scene for most of it. She is really manic and can't seem to slow down, stripping Vo's pants off almost instantly to blow hir cock as Chance eats her out. Obsession is good at the hummer, with a rapidly flicking tongue, and she's into the action. Vo shows s/he can suck dick and does it well. The heat for this scene is pretty good and builds well as they move through the positions. There's a point where Obsession gets D.P.'d but it seems almost obligatory rather than a natural flow to the scene. That hurts it a bit, but all in all they work well together.
Barbie is almost exactly what hir name promises. A blonde t-girl with a pretty face and well shaped body. S/he diverges from her name-sake, however, when it comes to the cock between hir legs. S/he's paired with a genetic girl called Azele with great features, a slender body, and nice small tits. There's some semblance of a plot but it only serves to get the two of them fooling around. Barbie proves to be the motivator and the better performer in all aspects of this scene. Azele is billed as a newcomer and she acts like it, unresponsive and sort of dull. Barbie is doing hir level best, with sensual touching and teasing licks this could have been a much hotter segment with a different partner. Even so it's not a total loss. They do a sweet 69 that we get good views of, and when they get to the reverse cowgirl, Azele loosens up a little and it gets sexier. The cowgirl is some good action and Barbie fucks her missionary very well.
Brenda is a Brazilian blonde with a good body and a nice feel for performing. S/he and Chance have a tryst in a workout room and Brenda immediately shows off hir cock-sucking abilities. With some nice views of hir dick sticking out from under hir skirt, Brenda blows like a champ. They 69 a bit but hir cock-jock isn't as into it as s/he is. So the cowgirl ride comes up and s/he's into it. Good camera angles and Brenda is doing a lot of work bouncing on that dick with hir shaft slapping against his stomach. Not the most romantic sentence but it's a hot moment. As is the reverse cowgirl. When s/he pounds him mish the director falls for the old trap and gets too close. That way we get nothing to let us know that it's a tranny. We just see two cocks. The doggy style is a bit better with a long view of Brenda stuffing Chance's ass. Not bad at all.
Gizelle is a knock out. Hir body is to die for even if hir nose and ears are a little big. It doesn't change the fact that s/he's beautiful and can steam up a room when s/he enters. Add to that a fine dick and you've got one of the most desirable trannies. And hir lucky guy seems to know it as he gets to sucking on hir shaft. Gizelle moans well in appreciation (damn, what a body) and returns the favor with perfect cock-sucking lips. The views are great during this segment and we really get to drink in that she-male's beauty. S/he gets pumped in a couple ways before he pops on hir chest. Then he spreads wide (for Pete's sake take off your socks, dork) to let Gizelle have hir turn poking. And, damn, does s/he dump a load. Good stuff.
Gina and Shawna were at the top of the t-girl porn game when this flick was filmed. Very often photographed and filmed, they were well known. This scene is their swan song before the sex-reassignment surgery that took them out of the "chicks-with-dicks" category. They talk for some time to the director in a comfortable and casual interview. They discuss the upcoming surgery and that this is their last shoot. Interesting if you know of them (as I do) but maybe not what you need in the ten-minutes you have to watch and get off.
So speed ahead to the action. Gina is a brunette hottie with fine tits and a great body. Shawna is hir opposite (great body, just blonde). They seem to be very comfortable with each other and spend some nice moments licking and caressing. It's obvious that they are also getting photographs taken so the action is a bit jittery as they freeze for a shot and then carry on. That doesn't make too much impact, but it does mean their minds aren't entirely on the business at hand (each other). Despite that the action is pretty good. Shawna is the catcher and Gina fucks hir well in several positions. S/he pumps away at hir friend's hole and we get to see it all. Not bad, but they're a little distracted.
Overall: Good tranny flick. Get it. These she-males represent some of the top talent in the last big wave of tranny models. Functional, experienced, and fun to watch, they give good performances and look gorgeous. I recommend it.
Extras include a chapter search, photo gallery, a behind the scenes that's pretty standard, and a web-site trailer.  


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