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Title: Truly Nice Tits 6  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Truly Nice Tits #6


110 Mins.



THEMES: Large, natural breasts.



STARS: Jennifer, Darina, George, Black Diamond, Lauro Giotto, Alena, Janet, Patrik, Robert Rosenberg, KK, Guy, Audress Jaymes, Joel Lawrence

Reviewed by: Mars


Bryan Xin has been known to produce very targeted porn. If you see a title like Truly Nice Tits directed by Mr. Xin then you can be assured that beautiful breasts are going to show up at least three times. And in volume six there are at least 11 good tits. The key word in the first sentence is "targeted." This is a natural breast film and it is aiming very well at the breast lovers out there (you know who you are). With that in mind Xin has the girls do solo teases for the camera at the start of each scene and we get a good long look at their chests. This may be fast forward fodder for some of you out there, but be patient. After the solo we get some pretty good action. Xin knows the value of a medium and long shot, using both to good effect (usually) so we get to see the whole girl during the fucking. The final result doesn't disappoint even if it is a bit work-a-day.
To begin we get Darina and Jennifer, a pair of blonde-ish and slim Euro-babes. As expected, they have big knockers (Jennifer's may be fake but if so she's the only one on the disc who has implants), plus they're good looking. After some time spent kissing, caressing and rubbing lotion on each other a guy shows up for the main event. They tag suck his cock to good effect and soon Jennifer gets done doggy. She's taut and fit and looks good getting done from behind. They swap a bit and get to Jen on her side with a cock in her pussy and Darina giving some licks and strokes to her breasts. It's quickly apparent that Jennifer is the first-string catcher as she gets done in the ass a couple different ways and Darina is in a corner playing with herself. I hate when one person is left out of a threeway, so inefficient. Darina gets in some anal time as well as a bit of tit fucking before taking the load on her chest, so I suppose she wasn't totally left out. A middling effort.
Black Diamond is a tall girl with coffee skin and terribly dyed hair. And, as can be expected, she has large tits. Good ones, too, and she spends a lot of time showing them off. She rubs them with lotion, gives us a look at her shaved pussy, and welcomes the eating out that a guy offers. She's a good moaner and we're never in doubt of how she feels about the attention. Diamond is not, however, the best cock-sucker on the disc. The full on action is good, though, which more than makes up for it. They swap through a few positions and Xin gets some good angles of it all. The mish is great, with the moans and her breasts a-jigglin' as he pistons into her. Diamond isn't the best camera performer but there's good potential there.
Now for a good performer you just need to watch this scene with Alena. She's a pretty brunette with massive tits and a cute bod poured into a cute dress. She makes the most of her solo time, teasing and oiling on her chest as she mugs for the audience. Here it's very noticeable that we're not getting a good enough look at her whole body and face, Xin stays right on her tits. Good as they are there's more to the girl and I would like to see it. We do see some more when it gets to the humping. He eats out her twat a bit (Alena has a bush, by the way. It's not out of control but it's just interesting to see in this period of bald or mustachioed pussy). Alena is a decent hummer artist but the show is best when they're fucking. She bounces away and keeps the energy up throughout the scene. The girl does anal for our pleasure and takes it like a champ. Plus the camera angles are fine, especially during the anal piledriver that can only be defined as hardcore. Good stuff.
Janet is a round faced, short haired Euro-babe with huge boobs, the biggest yet. She's young and eager to play. After the oil show a pair of cock-jocks slide in for the action and Janet is quick to grab those rods and start sucking. She's pretty good at it, too. The views are nice as the pumping begins. It quickly gets to the anal reverse cowgirl and her gasping seems to be discomfort. But then it's hard to tell, could be gasps of ecstasy. And not wanting to ruin the mood, I've decided she's having a good time. They don't let up on her butt and eventually end off with a bit of D.P. and a double facial.
Lynne looks like a country girl. Big bleached hair, daisy dukes, white halter top. Massive boobs, corn fed curves. She looks like middle-mall-America, white-girl-hootchie but she's British. Doesn't change the fact that her melons (an appropriate nickname for her chest) are shown off to good effect. She also gets a pair of guys and Lynne is ready for them with decent blow jobs. She's no shrinking violet and goads her men on, sucking with abandon and asking for a fucking as they give it to her again and again. They shift positions a lot and she's into them all. Now, normally tit-fucking on film doesn't do much for me. Sure, it's great when you're involved, but it usually just looks like a guy rubbing his cock on top of the breasts. With Lynne's knockers, however, the cocks actually disappear between the mounds. Totally surrounded. Now THAT's tit-fucking. And to put the final stamp on it they both pop over her chest.
To finish we get a great scene with Audree Jaymes. She's a black woman with a gorgeous face and a perfectly proportioned body with excellent curves. And tits for days. After some nice alone time Joel Lawrence shows up and the action starts. Let's take a moment to silently thank Mr. Lawrence for being such an enthusiastic and attentive a performer. Between them they steam up the scene and make it a hot segment. They get into a good rhythm in reverse and regular cowgirl. Audree is making satisfied noises and Joel is pumping away and making her wiggle in all the right ways. They take their time in each position and the camera makes the most of them, letting us see Audree in full view many times. Good end.
Overall: Tit fetish? Have a great time with the solo sections and top it off with some pretty good fucking. Even if you're just interested (instead of obsessed) with the female teat then this serves up some lovely examples of same along with some good action. The only thing is that the action isn't always inspired. But that's not a terrible thing, just the best criticism I could come up with and the only thing keeping this flick from getting an A.
Extras include a behind the scenes piece that's mostly footage of the girls showering after a scene, solo stuff that's long and good, photo gallery, cum shot reel, and three trailers.


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