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Title: BlackReign 2  
Reviewer: Loomis  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: A


Black Reign 2
130 mins.
Mercenary Pictures
THEMES: Black sex
STARS: Lex Steele, Carmen Haze, Mya Lovely, Desiree, Erica Kane, Olivia Del Rio, Vanessa Blue

Reviewed by: Loomis

Lex Steele is a huge part of the industry- his companies, directorial efforts and monster wang have all given him a high profile in porn. This movie (directed by Domina X/Vanessa Blue) shows that the attention is not undeserved. I am pretty sure that Domina/Vanessa is Lex's girlfriend as well.

The first scene is with Carmen, a big black girl with even bigger boobs. She struggles to deep-throat Lex, but that is no fault of her own. She does what she can and gives good effort. Lex bends her over and pushes in form behind, and then the real fun begins. These people really look like they are having a great time fucking each other. She takes it out and sucks him off, and eventually he shoots a massive load on her face and in her mouth. This is just great, energetic porn.

Mya Lovely is next, and she talks dirty. Yeah, Loomis-big godamn deal. A lot of porn chicks talk dirty. Right you are, I reply-but this broad does in both English and French. Beat that one, chumpzilla. While not being a fan of things French, I did find this really exciting to hear. It's not like she's a frog-broad either; as her English is perfect and somewhat ghetto. Aside from that, she's a pretty, light-skinned black girl with natural boobs and a big ass (not the bad kind, either). She's also working with Lex and is an enthusiastic cocksucker. More great energetic and animalistic sex follows, and she does a great job of taking his load and cleaning him up.

Desiree is also known as Persia. She's really beautiful and is paired with two guys. This scene, unfortunately, is completely fucked up by one of the male actors (Tony Ribas, I think). He will not shut up, and is insulting to Desiree as well. That dude is a bitch. The moron ruins the entire thing, and I cannot watch it with the sound on. Porn without sound is lame. No DP, either. She does take two pops into her mouth at the end.

Next is Erica in a blowjob scene. Guess who is back? Fuckstick moron boy, that's who. Lame. Compile that with the fact that he can barely get himself off after getting a fantastic bj, and he goes down in the book as one of the worst men ever to do porn.

Olivia Del Rio is the second to last, and she turns in a blistering performance with plenty of P2M, A2M and a great facial as well. I thought she looked messed up on drugs, though. It is still really good, nasty sex that she does with a dazed grin.
The last scene has Lex, Mya, Vanessa and our first white chick, Cynthia. It's a group grope that could have used a lot more lesbian action. There is a lot of P2M, no anal and this weird stuff where Vanessa tries to suffocate Mya with her double-F boobs. Odd, I say. The ladies finish it with a nice triple facial and some swapping.

In terms of pure, raw animalistic and basically fun sex, this is as good a film as anyone will see all year. There are some themes of domination, but nothing that will turn on the hardcore S&M-types (meaning that it's OK for average Joes like myself). This is simply really good, high-quality pornography and I sure that you will like it.  


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