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Title: Transsexual Prostitutes 29  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: C+
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: C-
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: C+


Transsexual Prostitutes #29

MOVIE TYPE: Vignette

125 Mins.

Devil's Film

DIRECTOR: Mike Metropolis

THEMES: She-males, anal sex, prostitution



STARS: Carmen Cruz, Destiny, Martika, Asia Lee, Roxy Sweet,Christian, Jagger, Xavier Ray

Reviewed by: Mars


She-males are becoming less of a novelty and more of a mainstay to porn. For those of us who like the tranny flicks, this is good. It means that the filmmakers will have to actually work at their craft rather than rely on the "Holy crap, look at this!" reaction to sell movies. OK, maybe I'm being a bit idealistic, but Transsexual Prostitutes #29 seems to bear this out. The film is a straightforward porn flick that just happens to have chicks-with-dicks in every scene. And so we get some good action and decent camera work. Perhaps the strongest aspect of the film is that the talent use dirty talk throughout their scenes. It was a deliberate choice and it works well to keep things hot. Now to details.
To keep things clear I'll use hir and s/he as pronouns for the she-males.
The best comes first in this movie. We get Carmen Cruz, a blonde Cali-girl tranny who is one of the she-males in the business most at ease with hirself. S/he's a hottie, too, with good tits, a nice body, and a dirty mouth. S/he talks with Roxy who's a slender real girl with small tits and a hungry body. They makesome noise about being prostitutes and then get to business. Roxy spends a long time sucking Carmen's cock (which it just so happens she's good at) while the she-male talks nasty at her. Carmen is in charge and it's hot. S/he pushes Roxy around a bit, spanks her ass now and then, and constantly talks dirty to her. They fuck standing up before moving to the couch for some reverse cowgirl and mish action. The camera work is good but the director seems to think this is a straight film so he's focusing on the girl and Carmen is relegated to the cock-jock framing where you can't see hir face. Still, there's some good times, with a nice face fucking thrown in, and the scene ends with a massive cumshot from Carmen.
Destiny is a black transsexual with a fantastic ass, a bit of a gut, and great legs. S/he's not the most lithe or girlish of the trannies, hir shoulders are broad and the breasts are small, but s/he manages to be pretty sexy all the same. Being short helps. Hir cock-jock gets a good blow job and gives a bit of head himself. The doggy style is a nice time too, with Destiny backing up on his rod with gusto. The reverse cowgirl isn't bad either, as s/he bounces vigorously, cock slapping as s/he rides. He really plows her balls deep for some time and then Destiny gets hir turn and fucks him until s/he comes. Not bad action, either. S/he isn't shy. Good stuff.
Martika is somewhat opposite of Destiny. This she-male has a good body but a horse face. Not enough to scare me off, but definitely a bit equine. Hir guy does a good job of stripping and groping hir, licking slowly as he goes. His enthusiasm really heats it up, which is a boost to the scene. Martika gets to swallow dick first and does a decent job of it with excellent shaft and ball work. He takes hir mish but it isn't really hir good side (keep that chin UP, honey). The dirty talk gets things hot and heavy but it cools a bit when they get to doggy. Then the energy ends high after some other positions and we end with missionary and the requisite pop shots. Not bad.
To round it out we get Asia Lee who's a cute Asian t-girl with a slender body, small breasts, and a school-girl outfit. Nothing wrong with that package. Hir guy is another cock-jock who's into the action, which (as before) is a good boost to the scene's hotness. Asia gives a sweet and hot blow job and they 69 a bit before the main event. When he stuffs hir, Asia is responsive but quiet. It's not a bad thing to see though it's not the most extravagant performance. He plows hir deep with long strokes and s/he can take it well. We get good views as they go and the sides position pounding s/he gets is sweet and long. Good times.
Overall: As mentioned earlier this is a tranny flick but it focuses on the sex over the novelty of a she-male's body. So it's down to the sex and that's pretty good. The talent are good at performing for the camera and keeping it energetic and enthusiastic. Of note are the guys who convince us that they're not just there for the paycheck. Guys who seem genuinely pleased to be fucking a transsexual.
Extras include a chapter menu, photo gallery, and two trailers.


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