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Title: Fine Ass Babes 2  
Reviewer: Stroker  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Fine Ass Babes 2


Mins. 207

Zero Tolerence

DIRECTOR: Sammy Sixx

THEMES: Facials, One on One



Carie Sable
Marie Luv
Aya Ramon
Tory Freeland

Reviewed by: Stroker

REVIEW- F.A.B's as it is simplified is all about the fine ass babes, but unfortunately the babes aren't all that fine. Sure they are all right, but I would not say fine. And definitely not good enough to not have one anal scene in this porno. With that being said, Carie Sable is truly a Fine Ass Babe. The rest are okay babes.
The movie starts out with Carie Sable showing us her goods. This blond beauty is fine with a nice body. Things start off with her getting her pussy rubbed and ass licked. Carie than begins her oral pleasing of dick. This whore is fine and knows what to do with a big dick. After a nice blowjob, it is time to penetrate Carie's pussy. Riding lesson's, this bitch doesn't need. The action ends with Carie getting some protein in her diet. Nice scene with a fine ass babe.
The rest of the movie is filled with a lower caliber of whores, but they need dick too. Harmony is pretty and has a nice body, but is not in a category of Carie Sable. She starts off with a decent blowjob that leads to some cock riding. Harmony goes through getting her pussy pounded in numerous positions and is rewarded with a facial for her efforts. Not bad, it will have you stroking.
Marie Luv's is the next whore up to make nice with dick. Marie is an attractive black slut that seemed familiar around a white dick. She shows us her goods and then it is on to the action. She starts things off by putting dick in her mouth and gulping it down. A decent oral performance gives way to her riding cock. Nice action in the reverse cowgirl for this whore. Marie will definitely keep you stroking as she works a dick in numerous positions and finishes it up with a creamy pasting of her face.
Aya Ramon is next up to please the stokers out there. She is a decent looking brunette that has a nice body. After showing it off for a while, Aya needs a dick in her mouth. She gives a nice wet blowjob that will please any stroker. Then it is on to banging this whore's pussy. After a couple of positions it is time for this slut to get a facial. The scene was highlighted with the blowjob that Aya delivers.
Jassie is a cute whore with some small titties. Not that this stroker minds that at all. She is not fine, but she is pretty damn cute. Whether it is sucking on dick or riding cock Jassie looks good either way. After a blowjob, Jassie gets her pussy reamed. Jassie looks like a girl that shouldn't be in porn, but the cum she swallows proves otherwise for this whore. Nice scene with a girl that is pretty damn cute, but not fine.
Tory Freeland is the last whore to grace the screen and take on dick for us, strokers. Tory shows off her nice body for us. She looks really good in her bathing suit and even better without it. After some tease it is on to sucking cock and getting fucked. A decent blowjob is performed and then the whore climbs onto some cock. She than proceeds to get fucked in her pussy. After a good pounding, Tory follows the whores before her with a decent facial.
This movie isn't bad, but it just needed a little more. Like some fucking anal sex, please. Not that a movie must have anal, but how about a threesome or maybe a big black dick for one of these whores. The girls are attractive, but nothing like drop dead gorgeous with the exception of Carie Sable. The movie is alright and has its moments, but it is nothing too spectacular for strokers to run out and get. Rent than decide if you need it for your collection.


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