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Title: Euro Hardball 24  
Reviewer: Levon  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Euro Angels Hardball #24
170 Minutes
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Chistoph Clark
THEMES: Anal sex, fishnet and latex outfits
STARS: Jessica Fiorentino, Elen Saint, Sandra DeMarco, Liliane, Sabrina, Mandy Bright, Sarah Blue

Reviewed by: Levon (mreviewer@hotmail.com)


The first scene has Jessica, Elen, and Sandra. They are all in fetish gear which includes fishnet stockings and latex outfits. Jessica plays the Dom in this scene with the girls fucking Elen with a clear dildo. Two parolees show up and we get some lukewarm oral with Elen and Sandra, but some excellent deepthroat attempts by Jessica. The girls line up side by side in doggie position and get finger fucked by the guys then get plowed doggie anal. They split up with Elen riding anal cowgirl and Jessica going spoon and anal spoon. Sandra and Elen go for anal RCGs with Jessica sucking each guy A2M and gape shots. More anal mish for Sandra and some anal mish for Elen with more gape shots of her asshole. Jessica gets back into the fucking with an anal doggie but then focus back on Sandra getting anal RCG then some large anal bead play in RCG and doggie. The scene ends with one of the guys jerking off and cumming on Elen's face and open mouth and the other guy jerking off and cumming on all three girls.

Liliane is another cute euro blonde dressed in some fishnet stockings and leather outfit. She models outside then shows off her pierced pussy as she finger fucks and DP's herself. She and a parolee work her ass and pussy over with a blue dildo and then a clear butt plug. Liliane's oral consists of putting the head of the guy's cock in her mouth with rapid jack hammer strokes. She hops on for cowgirl, a lifted cowgirl, mish, a brief footjob, and more mish. The guy pulls out and jerks off his load on Liliane's face and open mouth and goes directly back in for some anal mish, anal spoon, anal RCG, anal doggie, more anal mish, mish, and some titfucking. The scene ends with the guy jerking off his second load on Liliane's face and open mouth. There is a lot of post cum oral.

Sabrina is a pale average looking blonde with the same type of fishnet and latex outfit. She fins some masked parolee jerking off at the bottom of a stairwell and she goes right in giving a handjob and average blowjob. Sabrina moves into a dungeon set and finds another masked parolee and starts giving a double handjob outside and also while inside a cage. She gives oral to both guys through the bars then gets released and fucked mish, fucked in the ass with a dildo, anal mish, anal doggie with some gape shots, and some double oral after getting stuffed with a butt plug. The scene ends with Sabrina prancing around with the butt plug and then the guys jerk off on her face and semi open mouth. She gives some post cum head to each guy.

Elen is a cute blonde with natural tits and decent body. She works over two parolees, one normal and the other with a dildo face gag. Elen's oral on both guys shows average energy but keeps very shallow. She fucks herself RCG on the guy's face dildo then gets eaten out by the other. The masked parolee comes back into the scene and fucks her mish and anal mish. The parolees switch and now Elen gets a real dick anal mish, anal cowgirl, anal RCG, anal spoon, more anal RCG, and anal mish. The scene ends with both guys jerking off and cumming on Elen's face and open mouth. She gives some nice post cum head to both guys.

Mandy Bright and Sarah Blue are the last two girls up. Sarah is a decent looking blonde in a latex nurse outfit and Mandy is an average looking brunette playing the Dom. They are setup with three parolees. Sarah gives some energetic oral with lots of hand work, but keeps fairly shallow. Mandy on the other hand works a little bit deeper and shows decent energy. Sarah and Mandy get fucked standing doggie, then Mandy goes for a standing DP. Both girls get plowed doggie, with Mandy going for a doggie DP and Sarah moves on to a RCG, anal RCG, and RCG DP. Anal spoon is the next position for both girls and then cut do a bedroom where Sarah gets mish and Mandy goes doggie. Mandy hops on for an anal RCG and RCG DP and Sarah gets worked doggie, anal RCG, and then her own RCG DP. Its anal mish for both girls and then each guy jerks off in Mandy's cupped hands for Sarah to lick up.

Overall this is a lot of anal and euro talent dressed in fetish gear. The girls are average with Liliane being the best looking and Mandy and Sarah showing the best energy. Fans of fishnet stockings will have to run out and buy this now, but others will have to keep this on their rental list only if you can't find your first and second choices.  


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