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Title: Ass Crackin' 2  
Reviewer: Arnon  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Dillon's Ass Crackin' #2
117 Mins.
Digital Sin
THEMES: College Girls, Interracial Sex, All Girl, Rough, Domination, DP, Anal, Oral

STARS: Laura, Claudia Rossi, Jenny, Jessica, Lucy Ann, Nikki Sin, Christina

Reviewed by: Arnon


This is a typical all sex Euro movie, where a bunch of super horny goddesses get together and do the things all men wish their women would do. The scenes do get repetitive (as all sex movies tend to do) but in most cases you probably won't be watching more than a few minutes at a time. If you're like me anyway. Plus with six regular scenes and a bonus one you're getting a good amount of smut for your bucks. If you're not a fan of dp's though you might just want to rent this one.

The first girl is Christina, who's from the Czech Republic. She's decent looking, but what she slightly lacks in looks she definitely makes up for in sexual energy. She starts off sucking Dillon's cock and moaning like a fiend the entire time. She's joined by another guy and soon starts double-teaming them, which I hate. They follow the same 2 guy 1 girl formula as every other scene, except that in this movie, being the ass movie it is, it tends to focus more on double penetration, which I find to be a tad homosexual. If you can say anything for her it's that she (and most of the girls in this movie since they're Euro) tend to have non-step sexual energy punctuated by extremely loud moans. Despite the fact that there's a lot of dick it's fun to watch her fuck. Both guys unload on her face.

Claudia Rossi is a super hot brunette who starts off spread eagle on a couch being interviewed by Dillon. They don't waste much time on words before a dude enters and she does a spectacular job polishing his knob, moaning like it's the best thing in the world. After her blowjob she gets her asshole prepared with some spit and finger work, then gets on her back for some vaginal sex. That doesn't last too long before she takes it up the ass, screaming in some foreign language (I'd guess Italian from her name.) They switch to doggy style, alternating between anal and pussy, and Claudia shows no problem sucking her ass juice off the guy's cock. They then switch to a fairly creative position. She's on her shoulders with her back against the back of the couch and her ass in the air. This gives him plenty of room to work both her holes, and plenty of good close-ups to enjoy the action. She gets a facial to wrap things up.

Jenny says she's 22. Yeah, and I'm 157. She looks like what I'd expect a teenager's mom to look like. Not old necessarily, but aged. Plus she has reddish/bleached hair. In short, not that hot. Not ugly though either. She tag teams a couple guys, and certainly doesn't lack in the sexual energy department. She has enough spit to take on Belladonna in a drooling contest. They do the standard 3 way thing, with plenty of dp's for ya and she takes a double load on the face to cap it off.

Jessica is another scorching hot brunette. I need to move to Europe I think. She does a brief blowjob, which was good but not quite as energetic as the previous girls. She then has her quite large clit licked by a dude with one of those annoying tiny little pullback ponytails. You know, the ones that make guys look like jackasses? That doesn't last long either before some mish vaginal sex starts up. Jessica is super hot, but she moans in an annoying way. I love moaning, but she moans consistently throughout the whole scene, which tells me it was fake. She didn't even try to vary her sounds. Anyway, they switch to doggy style and then to rcg for the first close-up anal shot. They go through most of the standard positions with him taking turns between her butt and cunt. He comes on her face. Kind of a boring scene.

Next up is Lucy Ann, a decent blonde girl. Her scene is almost a duplicate of the other 1 girl 1 guy parts. Blowjob, mish, doggy, doggy anal, blah blah blah. You start watching a lot of these and the all sex DVD's get repetitive pretty quick.

To finish the movie off Laura, who is a really hot blonde, takes on two guys and ends up doing the same crap as Jenny and Christina. She gets showered in the end, but I'm guessing by the end you've already lost interest (wink wink). This was a solid movie, with some attractive people in it and some interesting sex, as long as you don't watch all the scenes in a row. Check it out.

Bonus scene


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