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Title: PROs  
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Reviewer: Jack Hoffman

Movie Type: Pseudo-documentary
Length: 130 min
Studio: DVSX
Director: Guy Capo
Themes: Sex with prostitutes
Condoms: None
Stars: Nicki Hunter, Lisa Sparxxx, Jazmin, Pamela Princess, Dominica Leoni, Monica Fuentes, Marie Luv

The premise of this DVD is that it's a documentary following guys who have sex with prostitutes. Action occurs in a back alley, a motel room, the back of a jeep, and other convenient locations in which to hook up with a hooker. Needless to say, this is a pseudo-documentary, as the women are porn actresses, not hookers. Then again, both are paid to have sex, so it kind of makes you wonder what differentiates the two.

There are a couple quality scenes here, but a lot of fast-forward material as well.

Jazmin leads us off. She's a great Indian-looking twat hanging out in a back alley. Dressed in a tight black miniskirt and black halter top, she sells herself to a John for $40. She has a nice body, but her best asset is her beautiful face. The blowjob and deep throat are just heavenly, with good eye contact. Her strokeable face nearly brought me off before he plumbed her other holes. He proceeds to fuck her cunt for a while before flipping her over and reaming her doggystyle. The camera angles don't change a lot in this scene. He blows his load on her chest.

Our next whore is Pamela Princess. She's a French cunt, and is interviewed in French with subtitles. She explains how easy it is to make money here in America because we Americans are sexually repressed and she can cash in on all the horndog males. The scene takes place in a motel room. The guy gives her the cash and she takes him to the bed, where she gives him a handjob to stiffen him up before he shoves it in her cunt doggystyle. She blows him a bit, they resume the doggy action, we repeat this cycle yet again, and again, before we finally get a new position. He fucks her missionary style for a while, again interspersed with BJ action, before we repeat this cycle this time with reverse cowgirl. He sprays his seed on her tits to close the scene. This scene didn't do much for me.

Marie Luv is next. This lithe ebony twat is one of the hottest women in this film. She looks a lot like the hot dancers you'd see in a Jay-Z video. Her action takes place on a couch in someone's living room. They lead off with a blowjob, but from this angle eye contact is not possible. It's forgivable, though, as she gives her all trying to swallow every inch and it's enjoyable to watch. Next up, cowgirl. I liked the view of her tight ass as we watch her get pounded. They follow with some cowgirl, which allows her to demonstrate her flexibility as she spreads her legs to accommodate the couch. She definitely works out. She's a moaner. He pounds her hard. I don't blame him. I'd show her no mercy myself if I had the chance. We get a few more positions; each one seemingly highlights this girl's amazing flexibility as she spread-eagles to receive his manhood. Again, a cumshot across the chest seals the deal. This is a decent scene.

Next up, Dominica Leoni and Monica Fuentes. It seems the setup here is that Dominica and some dude are either husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend. It happens to be the guy's birthday, so Dominica hires Monica to join the party to complete a 2-on-1 fantasy. I've seen Dominica before, but Monica was new to me. She's a little older, maybe early 30s. She has a pretty nice body, though her tits look too good to be real. This scene kicks off with a double blowjob, followed by reverse cowgirl (feat. Dominica), then cowgirl (feat. Monica). He doggys the girls and then we get an interesting upside-down missionary fuck of Monica. Her fishnet stockings are pretty hot here. Finally, he fucks Dominica's cunt in a traditional missionary position, then blows his load on her face. This is the first facial on this film. Wouldn't it be more fun to blow it on the whore though?

Lisa Sparxxx is next. Sorry Lisa, this scene doesn't work for me. Her monolithic mammaries and rotund rear made me go limp. If you like heavier girls, maybe you'll enjoy this scene. I did not. It's shot in someone's garage, in a Jeep Wrangler. The guy sits at the wheel and Lisa blows him for a while. Then he titty-fucks her and shoves it in her cunt doggystyle and missionary. There's actually some anal in this scene. I believe it's the first anal I noticed in this entire film. How many of you think it's a good idea to have unprotected anal sex with a prostitute? Umm... yeah. The scene closes with a hot load across the tits.

Nicki Hunter's the final whore on this disc. I was expecting her to be the hottest, as she's the feature girl on the box cover. She's not really as hot as she looks on the box. Her tits are a little droopy. This is a 2-on-1 scene (2 guys, 1 girl). This scene begins with one guy plowing her field from behind as she blows the other. They plumb her depths in several positions, generally with one from behind and one with his dick in her mouth. She does do anal. The anal isn't that hot though, there's nasty slick lube all over the place or else she's just incredibly wet. It struck me as kind of nasty. I liked her cowgirl action when she gets DPed, then dismounts to receive two loads on her face. These studs need to work on their aim. I could hit a bullseye since I was 12, so how hard is it to spooge her face point-blank? No doubt that wasn't in her contract.

This flick ends with a brief blurb stating that countries that have accepted prostitution have lower rates of murder, rape, HIV, divorce, and imprisonment. I don't trust this statement, as I don't know their sources and there are some serious bias problems with these statements (e.g., if you stop arresting people for prostitution-related offenses, it's logical that rates of imprisonment will decrease, but this doesn't tell you whether the decrease came from not arresting the whores/pimps/Johns or if it somehow had a positive side-effect that led to a reduction in other crimes). Let me close with a final rant... prostitution goes on everywhere, whether it's a 60 year-old billionaire marrying a 25 year-old model, or a John picking up a hooker for $50. Let's even the playing field. Why should the uber-rich get all the pussy? Let's let the common man fulfill his fantasies and get his rocks off in some hot twat once in a while by legalizing the business.


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