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Title: White Trash Whore 26  
Reviewer: Stroker  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


A White Trash Whore 26

MOVIE TYPE: Interracial

120 Mins.

JM Productions

DIRECTOR: Jim Powers

THEMES: Anal, Interracial, Facial, Gang Bang



STARS: Aimee Tyler, Sapphire Rae

Reviewed by: Stroker


This is just good old fashioned porn for the dedicated strokers out there. And that is all you can expect from JM Productions. It may not be the best shot, but it will be nasty and contain plenty of girls being whores. In this edition Aimee Tyler and Sapphire Rea are the girls that have to service the brothers.

The action starts of with Aimee Tyler needing her fix. Of course, she has to go to the home of some big dick brothers. To prove she isn't a cop she must have sex with the fellas. The whore starts off by giving them both blowjobs and then it's on to fucking her. Aimee does a good job taking on these two big black dicks as they invade her pussy and then ass. Then as any White Trash Whore would do she lets the boys double penetrate her. With all this anal sex, Aimee doesn't miss out on the opportunity for some gaping and ATM. The first guy gives her an anal cream pie, which is followed by a facial from the other brother. Of course it doesn't get Aimee the fix that she needed. Nice scene from Aimee that is very stroke worthy.

Sapphire Rae is a crack head prostitute that isn't giving her pimp his cut. That mean the whore has to suck his dick and his buddy before she hits the streets. Sapphire services the boys in true whore fashion letting them pound away at her fuckholes. Two big black cocks fill up her mouth, pussy and ass. The brothers spend extra attention fucking her up the ass and give her a nice gaping asshole. Sapphire isn't shy about letting the boys give her a D.P. Her handy work pays off with a deposit of sperm on her chin.

It must be fate but Aimee ends up on the same corner that Sapphire works. Sapphire tells her about the advantages of being a prostitute and introduces Aimee to her pimp. Now all Aimee has to do is service about six big dick brothers. Of course she is up for the challenge. First she goes around giving each of the guys a blowjob and then it is time to drill the whore. Black dicks from everywhere aim at her fuck holes and Aimee couldn't be happier. Aimee gives them free reign on her pussy and ass, which leads to her getting double penetrated. After some spirited fucking, it is time for the fellas to make Aimee a cum eating whore also. Of course, she washes it down with a 40 oz. of beer.

This is a good movie with a high stroke rating for all the Raincoaters out there. Aimee and Sapphire are a good team of whores and black cock brings the best out in them. This is one of the better ones in this line from JM.  


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