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Title: Sodomy: Law of the Land  
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: B


Sodomy: Law of the Land
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman
Movie Type: Gonzo
Length: 170 min
Studio: Metro
Director: Skeeter Kerkove
Themes: Anal, DP, rough sex
Condoms: None
Stars: Taylor Rain, Gia Paloma, Britney Madison, Audrey Hollander, Melanie Jagger, Venus, Alex Sanders, Dave Hardman, Chris Charming, Benjamin Brat, Brandon Iron, Ben English, Mark Wood, Otto Bauer, Bad Bob
Any film with a title like this is going to be intense. Skeeter doesn't disappoint us -- this is raw! This film carries some star power, namely that of Taylor Rain, everyone's favorite slut (and slut she is, reveling in her role as one of adult's dirtiest starlets). Each girl begins the scene wearing some crazy whorish getup, like a red latex corset in the case of Gia Paloma. They strip them out of it quickly and fuck the hell out of them -- just look at the list of guys in this film; if you know anything about porn, you know it's going to be rough when these guys are in on it. This is good porn if your woman just left you and you're angry. This is a 2-disc film. The first features five scenes; the second features a bonus scene and all the extras (behind the scenes, photo gallery, etc). It's clear that Metro put some ca$h into this production. The production values are high and the video quality is sharp.
Scene 1: Gia Paloma, clad in a red latex corset, struts up a staircase wagging her ass for the camera. The staircase is such a classic element in adult. It's such a great way to put the ass on display, but display it in motion which is even hotter. She puts on a little dance for us, then gets a plug shoved up her ass and gets her face fucked. These guys show no mercy. They shove another dildo up her ass and really stretch her out. She's gonna need the stretching, because they DP her ass in this scene in what appears to be a truly painful moment. There are lots of positions here; every hole is filled and we get her in missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy, etc. There's some well-shot penetration of the ass late in the scene, as you'd expect from an anal-themed flick. She takes two creampies in her ass.
Scene 2: Venus begins the scene in much the same way as Gia. Venus is a bit hotter in my opinion than Gia. She's dressed in a pair of shiny gold short shorts and a bikini top of the same material. She struts up the staircase for us shaking her phat ass and puts on a dance for us, before two guys start to go crazy on her -- and we're talking crazy! She eats their asses, blows one guy while the other has her in a virtual choke-hold (great misogyny here!) and gets slammed in the ass and cunt hard. I can tell she's enjoying this in a way, even though it appears extremely demeaning and painful to the viewer. It's all carefully choreographed to give this illusion. She takes two loads in the poop chute, lying on the floor in front of a sofa, holding her legs to her chest as the guys slam her ass from above. When she gets up, a little bit of cum dribbles to the ground. She is made to get down on all fours and lick it off the ground. Good girl, arf!
Scene 3: Audrey Hollander and Melanie Jagger. These sluts have a very euro-look in this scene. Their heavy makeup and patent leather slut outfits remind me of some of the eurotrash I've seen in the clubs of Eastern Europe. I love their asses as they shake them for us; Melanie has an excellent cameltoe going as well. These are the kind of whores who will fuck anything that comes their way. This scene gets an A for originality. Audrey is wearing a huge choker with two chains on it. The guy comes in and grabs both chains and uses them to control her as he throat fucks her. Melanie helps him out with the chains as well. Let's just say that Betty Friedan wouldn't like this scene. With the help of Melanie, they continue to ravage Audrey in several positions on the sofa, again shoving a plug up her ass as seems to be kosher in this flick. Audrey is made to take it doggystyle while eating Melanie's pussy. Her ass looks raw from the fucking. That part is a little gross, but at least you know they're not going easy on her. It was hot also seeing Melanie forced to lick Audrey's ass. It's not until near the end of the scene that Melanie finally gets penetrated. I'd been waiting quite a while to see her beautiful body speared by cock at this point, and it was worth the wait. The scene ends with a creampie in Audrey's ass, then Melanie is made to lick it out, as our demented director Skeeter looks on with glee.
Scene 4: Britney Madison. This hot bleached blonde begins with the slow strut up the stairway that we've seen in the previous scenes. She's wearing a see through lingerie top and a nice tiny black thong panty. This girl has rack and back. I hope she works out, because her figure suggests she's going to put on the pounds as she ages; a nice body like this would be sad to see go downhill. She does her little ass-wagging dance for us outdoors. It's a little longer than it needs to be. Let's jump to the sex. Skeeter preps her by stripping off her panties and shoving a plug up her ass. In come two guys to get their dicks sucked. They waste no time in throat-fucking her hard. She talks dirty to them which is always hot. One of my favorite parts of this scene was when one guy had his dick in her cunt doggystyle and was pulling her by the hair with his hands, while she had the other guy's cock buried in her throat (almost forgot, and a plug up her ass -- airtight!). They really stick it to her and it's so intense that she must be getting teary-eyed, because her heavy makeup seems to run a bit. How does she take her cum? Two direct deposits in her bowels. This scene was okay, not great.
Scene 5: Taylor Rain. Here's a girl who needs no introduction. She is dressed much like Venus at the onset of her scene. She's wearing shiny gold latex boots that come up to her thighs, a gold pair of short shorts that hug her ass incredibly tightly, a gold bikini top, and a black latex policewoman hat. She gives us a little tease before strutting up the stairway to show off her toned ass. Two guys come in and slap her around a bit, spreading her ass cheeks for the camera. They throat-fuck her, ass-fuck her, DP her, finger her, throw her around a bit and get rough, and leave her ass a nice shade of red. Her beautiful pussy has just a wisp of hair on it, shaven into a nice thin line. This scene's best moments are near the end, when she uses her flexibility to spread-eagle her ass in front of the sofa to take the guys' cocks into her ass. She takes the cumshots in her mouth, swallowing both; however, she spills a little of the second load onto the ground. The guys roughly push her to the floor to lick the extra off the carpet, which she seems to enjoy. What a great girl. She's beautiful and has no inhibitions. This is one starlet who's secured her place in the annals of porn.

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