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Title: Adventure Sex 1  
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: A
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Adventure Sex #1
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman

Movie Type: Reality sex -- it's its own genre
Length: 190 minutes
Studio: Hustler TV
Director: Dave Road
Themes: Sex in public places
Condoms: None
Stars: Katrena Starr, Jack Levitt, Elisa E., Dave Road
This flick is a sexual tour de force across America. The film begins with some interviews of the cast as they get ready for their road trip in the shaggin' wagon from LA up to Maine. Director Dave Road describes this journey as an attempt to conquer the final frontier of sex -- "adventure sex." His stars, Katrena and Jack, are about the same age, early 20s folks who recently moved to Hollywood in search of a different life. Katrena reminds me of a younger version of Courtney Love; Jack is an all-american stud. Thus begins our fantastic voyage.

This film is less about the sex than it is about the adventure and risk involved. If you just want something to beat off to, buy one of the millions of gonzo collections; this flick has only two characters who fuck. You won't get any variety here except for location. However, I agree with the director that this is a new genre that hasn't been explored before. It evokes memories of Burt Reynold's character in Boogie Nights as he and Rollergirl "made film history" in the back seat of car. This film features its own soundtrack with some pretty good music. It comes with a bonus audio CD soundtrack for the film.

Scene 1 takes place by the famous Hollywood sign in LA. They get up at 5 AM to traipse up the hill and shoot the scene. They smoke some weed and down some beer prior to the action. I don't know, but beer and cannabis at 5 AM doesn't sound like fun to me. Jack and Katrena strip off their clothes and she sucks him off a bit, then they (supposedly) can't get the condom to fit on his dick, so he rides her bareback. They claim that Jack wasn't feeling well when this scene was shot. Because of the voyeuristic nature of this video and the real risk of being caught and arrested for trespassing and public indecency, there aren't many camera angles and the sex scenes are rather short. Jack fucks her in the missionary position and doggystyle. He pulls out and cums on her asscheeks.

Between sex scenes, we get a lot of behind the scenes shots that humanize the characters. We see them at their worst moments, like when they just get out of bed and feel like shit, and when they're just chewing the fat. It seems like there's some kind of romance between Jack and Katrena that builds throughout the film. Their second pit stop is near the U.S. border with Mexico. They shoot the shit with some illegal immigrant wannabes by the border fence. It's pretty funny. This is a difficult scene to shoot without being caught, because there are so many cameras around and border patrol agents. They park their van to shield them from the cameras and fuck. A helicopter flies over and notices them, but doesn't seem to care. He bangs her in the missionary position, and she rides him reverse cowgirl. Before they're able to complete the scene, a Suburban belonging to border patrol pulls up and tells them they need to leave. So, they head north to San Francisco.

What's the most obvious target in San Fran? The Golden Gate Bridge, but of course. They case the bridge for a while and plan to return early Sunday morning to fuck when there are fewer people around. They return the next day and she blows him and gets fucked cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Both of them are pretty much fully clothed here; they can't go full nude or they'd get caught for sure. This scene took some balls to shoot.

Next up is adventure sex in Yosemite National Park. They go up into the hills and fuck near a waterfall. Katrena likes it nasty and seems to enjoy being degraded in public places. This scene is pretty hot, but the mist from the waterfall keeps hitting the camera's lens and we can see the drops of water on the lens in the foreground. The camera's focus is still pretty good despite this, but it's annoying. They get it on again later that day, though this second time it's just a blowjob/facial.

The next stop is a natural hot springs somewhere out west. Jack takes off her tiny bikini and they fool around for a bit, then he eats her out before getting a nice BJ, then he slams it to the hilt doggystyle.

The intermission between this scene and next confirms my earlier suspicions of a budding romance. Jack proposes marriage to her and she accepts. These two really are perfect for each other. I have my doubts regarding the longevity of this relationship, but best wishes from Jack Hoffman.

Our next bit of fuckage takes place in front of a window in a Vegas motel. She sucks him off and he bangs the shit out of her on the bed before cumming on her. By this point, I was getting tired of watching these two fuck.

Following scenes take place in the Grand Canyon near a precipitous drop and the four corners monument where Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado meet. The four corners fuck was interesting; she takes it doggy right on the monument in the middle of the night. I have to think that they were breaking the law in four states at once during this fuck, though the punishment in Utah would probably have been the most severe...
The next scene of adventure sex takes place at Mount Rushmore. They fuck in a rocky crag with a nice view of the monument. It's ok, but it's nothing we haven't seen in earlier scenes save for the scenery.

The next one is just demented. They visit the famous American Gothic house and Jack dresses as the woman while Katrena dresses as the man. They strike the famouse Rockwell pose and then also do it in the buck. A neighbor lady sees them and threatens them, so they run back to the car and pull away.

Capping this flick off is sex at the Gettysburg battlefield. Jack and Katrena dress in period outfits and the film is edited to look like an early twentieth-century silent film with title cards.


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