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Title: 10 Man Cum Slam 7  
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


10 Man Cum Slam #7
Reviewer: Jack Hoffman

Movie Type: Gonzo
Length: 105 min
Studio: Kick Ass
Themes: All-oral, cum-swallowing, orgy
Condoms: None

Stars: Katja Kassin, Aidon, Lain Oi


This is my first exposure to this series. Kick Ass did a great job with this montage of misogyny -- enough so to make me a fan. This is an all-oral film. The pussy and posterior do not get penetrated. It has only three scenes. Each scene begins with a series of rather lengthy interviews that jump-cut between the guys and the girls, each of them giving their own responses to a set series of questions. The guys' responses are comical at times, but I don't really care too much what a guy's answer is to the question "has a woman ever commented on the taste of your seed?" It's the women's interviews that turn me on -- just watching them sitting there fully dressed in front of the camera, knowing that pretty soon they'll be swallowing hot spooge is a great build-up to the sex. And there's something about a woman's voice that is very erotic too. Sadly, with all the gonzo series out there these days, we don't always get much conversation from the ladies. Of course, if you prefer a little less conversation, skip ahead by chapter, as these scenes are chaptered by cumshots (each girl swallows 10 loads). After each load is blown, you're treated to an instant replay from a bird's eye view. I recognize a few of the guys in this disc. Tony Tedeschi's one of them. His interviews are classic. I reckon he fancies himself a bit of a comedian judging from his commentary -- it's good to see he still enjoys his work after so many years in the biz.

Katja Kassin -- a 24 year old piece of German ass. I think I've seen her in action before and wasn't that impressed. Good show this time, Katja. She's a curvaceous redheaded nympho with a killer accent. She blows each guy with vigor and swallows each load one after another. I appreciated it how the guys had excellent aim with most of their cumshots. It isn't hard to blast one point blank onto a whore's tonsils. And these Johns deliver the goods. It seems this scene was shot outdoors at a beach, in a semi-enclosed space. It's a little bit dark at times here, but the lighting is acceptable. Good marks for this scene.

Aidon -- a waifishly thin redhead in a 5'9" package, Aidon is my favorite girl in the film. When her little pink top and jean skirt come off, you will want to blow your load already. This girl's fuck-me body is begging for cock. Why haven't I seen this girl in other films? She may have a lucrative couple of years ahead of her if she stays in the business. This is the kind of girl a lot of women would say is anorexic. I beg to differ. This is how those same women would look if they put the KFC bucket down and worked out instead of watching Trading Spaces. Aidon gives us a nice tease performance and then starts to suck like a pro. This scene is shot indoors, though the lighting is again a little dark. I love her face; she's absolutely beautiful with her red hair and freckles. Some guys are gentle with her, others a bit more aggressive in fucking her face. 10 loads blown, 10 loads swallowed. Aidon gets an A.

Lain Oi -- a slim 5'7" bleached blonde with a pierced tongue. This girl's 20 years old. In the biographies, she lists her ethnic background as Polish Jew. I'm not seeing it looking at her, but whatever. She's pretty hot, though Aidon and Katja I found hotter. One quirk about this scene -- supposedly one of the guys is her boyfriend. At least, he was at the time of filming; pornstar relationships are notoriously short-lived. There's not much to write about here, she gets throat-fucked by 10 guys and swallows every load. I didn't get the impression that she was as into it as Katja and Aidon.


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