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Title: Perfect Ten  
Reviewer: Stroker  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Jenaveve Jolie is The Perfect Ten


120 Mins.

Baby Doll Pictures

DIRECTOR: Rick Davis

THEMES: Lesbian, Facials, Anal



STARS: Jenaveve Jolie, Charlie, Loni, Reyna, Sophia

Reviewed by: Stroker

Jenaveve Jolie stars in this movie and they could have done a lot worse than this little whore. She has a smoking body and above average looks, however she is no Perfect Ten. She doesn't even take it up the ass, which is a true shame. The good news is Jenaveve is good looking enough not to mind that she isn't taking it up the ass. Another bright spot is that Jenaveve appears in three scenes. As for the other girls well that is a different story. Luckily there is a heavy emphasis on Jenaveve.

First up is Jenaveve and Charlie sharing some pussy with each other. Charlie is a cute little pussy eater who is the only other girl not named Jenaveve that is stroke worthy. The girls enjoy some toy action, but the scene was a little short even for an all-girls affair. After all it isn't like the other girls fucking look all that good. Loni is up next and she plays nice with some dick. Unfortunately, she is pretty plain and seems to be a little timid next to some dick. The good news is in the final scene she laps up the pretty Jenaveve's pussy.

We find out next that Jenaveve isn't too good to suck on some dick, unfortunately as previously stated she is too good to take it in the ass. This is by far the best scene because it's the only one that ends with Jenaveve with a face full of cum. As a pervert, I must admit that Jenaveve is one whore that turns me on without doing the hardcore shit us strokers love. Big titted and little else Reyna sucks and fucks dick like she is expected. She just is not the easiest on the eyes and doesn't even offer up the ass.

Sophia is up next and final we have anal. She does a nice job taking care of cock and gives a decent fuck. The only downer is she didn't look as great in the movie as on the cover. But at least she takes it up the ass for us strokers. In the last scene Jenaveve is back playing nice with Loni and her strap-on dildo. Not bad for a lesbo scene and fits in this type of movie, however would of liked to scene Jenaveve strap one on and give it to Loni too.

All in all not bad for a couple to watch, but us strokers should probably look elsewhere for their fix.


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